Episode 8 - Can You Imagine...1000 Cities of Peace

Episode 8 - Can You Imagine...1000 Cities of Peace

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‍Hello ,

We are pleased to send Episode 8 of the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom.


Previous episodes have described the need for and some details of the change in worldview or collective mindset that human beings will have to make in order to secure a peaceful and sustainable future on Earth.  Episode 8 is the story of an initiative already 14 years old that is working to make the needed changes on the ground.  It is called International Cities of Peace and is grounded in ancient wisdom of beginning with peace in the hearts and minds of individuals and working upwards from there to establish peace among neighbours and from there to create peaceful cities.  Peaceful cities are the organizational unit for creating peaceful nations, which can then cooperate to create a peaceful world.


The Founding Director and Leader of International Cities of Peace is Fred Arment, who in this episode explains the background, shows examples of 400 cities of peace already established, and gives details on how to register your own city as a City of Peace.  The goal is to create 1000 Cities of Peace in more than 100 countries by 2025.  Can you imagine what an impetus to world peace and sustainability it will be to have many thousands of people in thousands of communities working together in 1000 cities to address the existential issues now confronting humanity?  This is a powerful good news story that we hope you will support in any way you can.


With this Episode of the Wisdom Journey we are also releasing Episodes 15 and 16 of the Visioneers Audio Theatre where the story, after taking you through the high drama of love and courage, now moves to the creation of a worldwide movement for peace called the Congress of the Global Mind.   Be sure to listen after you have watched Episode 8 of the Wisdom Journey.


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With every good wish in all that you do,

Gerri and Desmond

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