Episode 10 - Waging Peace - Guidance From the Wisdom Keepers on How We Win the Peace

Episode 10 - Waging Peace - Guidance From the Wisdom Keepers on How We Win the Peace

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‍Hello ,

We have arrived at our destination stop on our Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom.


Welcome to Episode 10 where we bring together the collective wisdom of our global thought leaders and replay for you the essence of this profound wisdom to shape the future course of history.  In this episode we address the question:   What have we learned that can provide a creative solution to a future we can be truly proud of, one in which the next generations thrive and live in a peaceful world?


The answer comes in clear, insightful wisdom messages summarised for you so you can keep it front of mind.  We also lay out the implications of what all this means.  In short, it means we have no time to lose on moving in the direction that the wisdom keepers have asserted in bold, clear language.


We have a conclusion coming in which we will present this in an inspirational finale, which will include the life work of one more wisdom keeper, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  Look for this soon. 


We would also like to remind you that when you have finished listening to Episode 10, go to Episodes 19 and 20 of the Visioneers Audio Theatre also released today in which you will hear the inspirational conclusion of the story in which the world erupts in a global celebration of the Congress of the Global Mind.  The synchronicity between that fictional story and the true life story we are living guided by our wisdom keepers is remarkable.  Don’t miss it.


It has been a privilege to travel with you on the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom.  Look for the conclusion and celebration yet to come.


Here is the link to this stop on the journey.



With every good wish in all that you do,

Gerri and Desmond

Geraldine Schwartz PhD
Desmond Berghofer, PhD
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