Episode 11 - A Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom Conclusion - Winning the Peace

Episode 11 - A Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom Conclusion - Winning the Peace

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‍Hello ,

We are pleased to send you the conclusion to the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom in which we introduce the story and wisdom of Dr. Edgar Mitchell  as inspiration and guidance for what we must do to win the peace for humanity on Earth.


Dr. Edgar Dean Mitchell reveals a most extraordinary truth.  Anchored in science, open to spirit, and possessing high order intelligence, he tells us we have become an emerging spacefaring civilization.  But at the same time, we are in a crisis of immaturity, as one of our other wisdom keepers, Dr. Bill Halal, has told us, and we are precipitating a series of existential crises from which we are struggling to recover.  How, then, do we proceed?


Edgar Mitchell has good advice to offer.  As you will hear in this episode, his life story was extraordinary.  As an astronaut with the Apollo program in the 1970s, he traveled deep into space and walked on the moon, but more important than that, he experienced an epiphany in space in which he instantly understood humanity’s intimate connection as an integral part of a vast intelligent living universe.  This experience and his knowledge of quantum physics enabled him to make a different prediction for humanity than that of a stumbling species on the edge of extinction.  We are at the margins of accepting that we are truly magnificent beings of spirit and the future is ours to create.


Watch the following episode and be inspired at the possibilities that await as we learn to embrace a global consciousness transcending past and current limitations.  And after that, listen to the conclusion of the Visioneers Audio Theatre for some inspirational advice on how to win the peace that we all long to see.  Over the summer when you might have more time, watch the wisdom episodes again.  They will inspire you again.  They are all available at https://thevisioneers.ca/activities/wisdom/extraordinary



With that we bring this wisdom series to a close.  We will be back with more stories and proposals for action.   Look for them in the weeks ahead. 


Here is the link for this episode.



Best wishes for good visioneering.

Gerri and Desmond

Geraldine Schwartz PhD
Desmond Berghofer, PhD
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