Building the Collaboratory

Building the Collaboratory
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Dear  ‍


This email is being opened in 47 countries on 6 continents by people whose minds and hearts are concerned with building a peaceful, sustainable, thriving future for humanity. 

The follow up journey from the

Visioneers Launch Waging Peace

now begins.

On October 9th, 2022, we began to create the new story. We have been gratified by the overwhelming positive response from a multiage community on the power of the Visioneers launch.  

Dr. Ervin Laszlo says:


“This meeting is a milestone for understanding and

progressing for the evolution of humanity on this planet”

We now have the opportunity in the space of the next 5 to 6 weeks to take advantage of this goodwill by working together to raise the bar to the next level.

Enlarging our Visioneer cohort is our primary goal. 

If you are not a Visioneer, you can begin by joining us here

In January, we expect to begin sending the ten legacy episodes of our wisdom keepers to the registrants as inspiration and guidance to begin creating Visioneer Leadership Circles and especially Visioneer Youth Leadership Circles. 

In the next few weeks we will be preparing the bulletin, Volume 2, Number 8 that will introduce and expand the idea introduced at the launch of 

Building the Collaboratory

(Meaning the collaboration of individuals, networks and

organizations working together for higher purpose).

The overarching message of the launch and what it is critical to do now, is to create a new story where the central ethos of human thought and behaviour is based on right action, a story of human kindness, compassion and nobility. We will create the example of this new ethos by telling thousands  of such stories of good work across the spectrum of human activity, so this becomes

 observable evidence of the progress on the

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals,

and underlies our evolution as mature beings in a

safe, sustainable and thriving planet.

We are looking to champion right action to support thoughtful intelligent leadership of both heart and the mind.

To make a difference we need to act

Here are some of the first things we can do right away:

  1. Spread the word and get more people to listen to the launch and to join us as Visioneers
  2. We need to build the Collaboratory by creating partnerships with our strategic allies and all of you willing to act to make a difference.  
  3. We need to build a team of first responders who are creating their own Leadership Circles in response to the multiple emergencies that are now present globally.
  4. Becoming a Visioneer provides the opportunity to turn the lens to your own community, to nominate worthy people and projects for awards for excellent good work and for exceptional lifetime and personal achievement awards, most especially, to invite youth in each community to also become Visioneers and participate by creating their own projects of excellence. 

All of this will allow us to include in the Web of Good Work projects from the diverse talent of the whole human community beyond national borders and boundaries of every kind. 

This Wall of Stories will become an inspiration and a testament to the power and talent of humanity's diversity, where each act of kindness, and each act that addresses the multiple emergencies we face as a global community will add to the Collaboratory. 

It will be a radiant, glowing example of a species

evolving towards goodness and towards its maturity. 

This project needs champions who will

provide the leadership and the hope we need

to raise our energy to a new and higher level. 

We ask those who feel called to help step forward now. 

Those champions who participate will create

the future full of light we all want. 

The process has started, expect communication from us very shortly. If you have any comments or ideas that you would like to add as we prepare for both our next steps and the bulletin, you can send them to Gerri or Tatiana at or

For those who would like to watch the launch again or send it on to their friends, colleagues or family, you can watch it here:

Let’s do this together.

In friendship,  

Gerri and Des