Episode 9 - Don't Go Quietly

Episode 9 - Don't Go Quietly

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‍Hello ,

We are coming to the end of our Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom and are pleased to send you Episode 9.


This episode is a little different from the others in that it is a presentation by two Visioneers Visionary Leaders, George and Sedena Cappannelli from Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the USA.  They are the producers of an award winning television series called  Ageless Living and for Episode 9 of our series on wisdom, they have given us one of the television episodes in which they make the case in a spirited and upbeat fashion that the burgeoning cohort of people over the age of 50 have the experience and expertise and life-expectancy to lead the change our wisdom keepers are calling for to wage peace and create a positive future for coming generations.


George and Sedena are seasoned and professional presenters and no matter what your age,  you will be uplifted and engaged by what they have to say.  Their message is an excellent fit with the Visioneers Audio Theatre, and you will enjoy a feast of content as you listen to Episodes 17 and 18, also released today, in which the story is moving to its climax as the world prepares for new possibilities in the Congress of the Global Mind.


We are excited to know that you have joined us on this journey and we look forward with anticipation to what we can do together. If someone has sent you this email, please consider joining us to receive further updates by clicking here.



We are working on the final episode, Episode 10, which will be a summation of all that we have learned from our global thought leaders and a presentation of all the tools we have prepared to help you make your own contribution to a peaceful and sustainable future.  It will be released on June 23.


Here is the link to this stop on the journey.



With every good wish in all that you do,

Gerri and Desmond

Geraldine Schwartz PhD
Desmond Berghofer, PhD
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