Episode 3 - Acting for a Thriving Future

Episode 3 - Acting for a Thriving Future

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‍Hello ,

We are pleased to send you the third episode from global thought leaders on our journey of Extraordinary Wisdom. In the first two episodes, we brought you the voices of Willis Harman and Ervin Laszlo speaking about a global mind change and planetary consciousness that can be the foundation of a possible future for humanity to transcend the current fears of civilizational breakdown and collapse.


In Episode 3 we bring you the wisdom of Dr. Jane Goodall DBE who in her life’s work in the study of animal behaviour and in the creation of conservation projects and educational programs has shown how to shift human behaviour towards the model described by Willis and Ervin.  Jane is showing us how to set our feet on the path forward beyond the bifurcation point described by Ervin.  With Episode 3 of the Wisdom Journey we are also including Episodes 5 and 6 of the Visioneers Audio Theatre in which the characters experience their first conflict with those who oppose their vision and push on to make room for a miracle to happen.  The Visioneers story is a powerful complement to the wisdom of the global thought leaders.  Together they will engage your mind as you consider what role you are meant to play in this unfolding real life story that all of us are experiencing in these first decades of the 21st century.


The overarching purpose of the Wisdom Journey of 10 episodes we are bringing you (one every two weeks) is for you to consider as we go your own stories and examples of worthy people and projects that you can nominate to become part of the Visioneers Virtual Expo of a Web of Good Work https://thevisioneers.ca/virtual-expo, and for you to consider creating a Visioneers Leadership Circle https://thevisioneers.ca/events/waging-peace/visioneers-leadership-circles-event-handout in your own community of positive action contributing to a peaceful sustainable future.


Through this process we are helping to build Humanity’s Golden Peace https://thevisioneers.ca/activities/wisdom/humanitys-golden-peace, which the thought leaders are calling for.  This is a high order journey of meaning and importance for the world on which we are embarked together.  We encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues to join us as we go.  Each episode is being posted to the website https://thevisioneers.ca/activities/wisdom/extraordinary so that people can join at any time and see what has come before.


We are excited to know that you have joined us on this journey and we look forward with anticipation to what we can do together.


Here is the link to this stop on the journey.



With every good wish in all that you do,

Gerri and Desmond

Geraldine Schwartz PhD
Desmond Berghofer, PhD
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