Humanity’s Golden Peace

The Soul-Sized Meaning of Peace

Who are the Peace Builders?

At this existential time in human history where for the first time we see the naked ugliness of war with our own eyes, as images of unimaginable cruelty invade our hearts.

We must raise our responses to a new level.

We Must Act to Wage Peace.

First, however, we need to expand our idea of what peace truly is.

Peace means

  • that places where children are born and mothers face the rigours of birth are safe and sacred places, clean, nurturing and full of the inspiration and hope the newborns deserve for a rich and beautiful life.
  • that all the places of education—the nursery schools, the kindergartens, the places where children and adolescents go to school—are safe places where the young are taught about each other’s culture and contribution, where any acts against others like bullying or fighting or hatreds against others for their religion or skin colour or nationality or social standing are considered the first steps of crimes against humanity and are banned for the hate crimes they truly are.
  • that our universities teach the incredible riches of the minds of humanity and the skills necessary for work and also create the medical remedies for health and wellbeing which become the shared property of humanity, where research teams collaborate as well as compete for prizes of excellence.
  • that leaders are trained in the values of greatness, like kindness, compassion, and soul-based understanding of the other, and every learner takes a course in respecting the person, culture, and religion of the other.

Peace is a place where families are decently housed and fed, where our human needs for the basics are satisfied so everyone can deliver their contribution into the commons that we all share.

Peace extends to the care, respect, and love for the elderly who have nurtured everyone by their time of service. It extends to the disabled, to those who think and feel differently, and to those who look different.

Peace lives in our places of work and in every enterprise.

Peace means looking after the planet that sustains all life and its natural systems, so we have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, rich earth in which to plant our food, and a respect for all living creatures with whom we share our time on Earth.

Peace is based on the freedom to live our lives freely without coercion.

This Peace would bring humanity to such a glorious life that even Heaven would be paltry in comparison.

This means that we are the peace-builders.

Every act on any front to usher in this golden peace is a service to humanity, that once made enters the field of consciousness we all share, and cannot be destroyed.

This peace is based on the understanding we are a species that is connected so that each act of building such a peace, however near or far into the future it might be, is a service to humanity for all time.

So, peace is not just the absence of war, but the sacred state where an evolved community of global citizens can begin to raise their level of action to higher ground.

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