Visioneers Action Plan 2023

Visioneers Action Plan 2023
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‚ÄćDear¬† ‚Äć

Good Morning…Good Afternoon…Good Evening…:


This message is being sent into 47 countries on 6 continents to all Visioneers and to Registrants of the Visioneers Waging Peace launch event held in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia on October 9, 2022.


We ask that you take the time over the holiday season to consider our invitation to become an active Peace Builder, to become a Visioneer if you have not already done so, either as a supporter or through the complimentary route.  This e-mail begins the new story and the special journey on which we are about to embark.


Make a New Year’s Resolution 

to make a real difference at the level you can.


The Visioneers Bulletin Vol.3 No. 8 will present the details you need to take the next steps.  You will receive it in early January 2023.


To set the scene, we begin with a video of Shakespearean actor, Christopher Gaze, reciting the poem ‚ÄúAt Last We Have Come to It‚ÄĚ written by Des and published in a very special inspirational volume called¬†


Prayers for a Thousand Years: 

Inspiration from Leaders and Visionaries around the World. 


This presentation by Christopher Gaze was part of the Waging Peace event on October 9, 2022.  Watch the video:


In early January we begin in the Bulletin Vol. 3 No. 8 called 


Building the Collaboratory

to create the network and the collective voice to tell the new story


We are one family, energetically connected, such that harming another brings harm to All, but doing good for others especially doing it with others  does good for All. This action of good work engages our inner capacity to create, and to imagine new solutions for our troubled planet, and leads us to understand that we all need clean air and water, good land to grow our food, good education and health care, truth telling, safety, justice, sustenance and respect.

The purpose of this message is to reach out, to establish the relationship between us, to be in touch and to let you know what is coming so you can take time to consider your own action.

We began with the launch of the Visioneers Project on October 9, 2022 entitled


Waging Peace: Building Humanity’s Golden Peace


It was held live in Vancouver on the campus of the University of British Columbia and live streamed to more than 1000 participants in 47 countries on 6 continents.  Seventeen universities participated.  The beautiful recorded version has been shared with more than 1000 others already in 62 countries. Feedback gives it universal positive acclaim. It is a beautiful experience to watch.  Here is the link to the recording:

During the holidays, take the time to watch it again yourself or in the company of others and send it to friends and family who would enjoy knowing that the Visioneers are responding to the multiple emergencies we face with wisdom, inspirational music, and enthusiasm as we act together. 

The Invitation


Become a Peace Builder in 2023


If you have not already done so, join the Visioneers either as a supporter if you can or via the complimentary route.


Create your own Visioneers Leadership Circle (3+ people)


Take the time to explore the substantive Visioneers website to see the extraordinary cohort of leaders and changemakers you will be working with.  Enter the


Visioneers Virtual Expo Web of Good Work

See the Heroes and Heroines of Humanity 

See the Visionary Leaders 

See all of the Visioneers Award winners 

See all of the Visioneers on the site 

Look at the splendid virtual modern library called the 


Masterworks Emporium of the Great Works of our Time

See the Wall of Stories 

connecting the Visioneers Web of Good Work 

to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

If you have done even a little exploring, you will be ready to take the next steps with us.  Here is what lies ahead, which will be described in detail in Bulletin Vol. 3 No. 8.


(January to April 2023)


A focus on youth, in particular on high school students, the generation that will be most impacted by the multiple emergencies we face.


The first high school in Vancouver will be the central example, once established, of a project of twinning with schools all over the world as we collaborate with our strategic ally, the International Cities of Peace (ICP) to bring deserving schools into the collaboratory.


Youth Leadership Circles will get underway led by our Youth Team Leaders, Tatiana Speed and Jamie Magrill 

The first Leadership Circles will be invited to begin as examples of the network.


The honouring, inviting and celebrating of new Visioneers Award winners will continue.


(April to June 2023)


Local schools in Metro Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia with stated interest will be invited to create Youth Leadership Circles for schools and join the twinning process.


Outreach in areas of Education, the Environment, Health and Well-Being, and especially Peace will take place.


(July/August 2023)


Consolidate, rest and network.


(September to November 2023)


The next level of outreach of Visioneers Leadership Circles will begin with new plans for 2024.


As you can see, barriers and borders are down.  Creativity and positive solutions are underway strategically with intention.


Each year as the months move along, we will take stock and move to the next level of engagement.  This is how we get to Higher Ground and to the attention of the mainstream media.


The future vision is encapsulated in Gerri‚Äôs poem ‚ÄúSapiens Part II‚ÄĚ presented by Christopher Gaze.¬†¬†



Please provide us with feedback and your plans to participate by e-mailing or

As a final note, we are fundraising for the project.  You can help by joining the Visioneers as a supporter or becoming a sponsor


Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a Peace Builder in 2023.


‚ÄćIn friendship,

Gerri and Des

‚ÄćGeraldine Schwartz PhD


The Visioneers International Network


International Foundation of Learning

Founder and Senior Psychologist

Vancouver Learning Centre

‚Äć‚ÄćDesmond Berghofer PhD


The Visioneers International Network


International Foundation of Learning

Founder and President

Creative Learning International

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