Web of Good Work

The Visioneers Soaring Rainbow Eagle symbolizes our purpose... act with strength, courage and commitment to together launch the Virtual Expo Web of Good Work into a world that so needs the promotion of human nobility.

Can you imagine participating in this Virtual Expo humming with life as an experience and global model of people and projects of extraordinary human goodness and nobility available to anyone anywhere with an Internet connection?

What makes the Visioneers Web of Good Work project unique?  The Visioneers Web of Good Work has two key functions:

1.  Showcase and Promotion

The Visioneers Web of Good Work Virtual Exposition is the expression and display of the most outstanding projects of good work and people. 

2. Connection

Every Visioneer can join and enter this community, optionally display their own good work, or find something they would like to do but need help with. 

In the 21st century, humanity has reached a critical turning point in the history of life on Earth.

Human Impact
The cumulative impact of human activity on the life support systems of the planet now transcends the ability of national governments to manage.
Global Citizens
People are called upon to see themselves not just as citizens of nation states, but as global citizens responsible for the care of the Earth.
Improving the Future
But millions of concerned citizens are not waiting for their governments to act. They are taking the initiative to do what they can to improve prospects for the future.

We are the Visioneers:

People who seek to intervene by using their creative imaginations to envision a preferred future, and then act to transform that vision into reality.

The Future of Humanity
Visioneers recognize that humanity’s future will be determined by the ability of ordinary people to collaborate for the common good.
Projects of Good Work
They embrace the values of cooperation, empathy and positive anticipation to build projects of good work.
A Worldwide Celebration
People from every continent are coming together in the spirit of Visioneering to improve conditions for people everywhere

We are building a Global Network of Projects and People

Members of the Visioneers International Network can become active participants in showcasing their good-work, supporting others’ projects, learning and mentoring each other, in order to improve our prospects for a sustainable and peaceful global civilization.


Join us in building a world-transforming network of global citizens


Connect with like-minded global citizens and show the world what works you are building


Get mentorship from experts in the field around the world and share your knowledge to mentor others in your network

Make a Difference

Join the heroes and heroines of our time, the global citizens who are acting to create a better world.

Wherever conditions of neglect, indifference, or intolerance are found,
or where acts of violence are perpetrated on innocent populations. . .

Visioneers will raise 10,000 flags for good,
and create a worldwide Web of Good Work,
growing in strength and resilience as the scope of activities increase.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Visioneers with each other, building a global network of changemakers, showcasing the good-work projects and lifetime achievements of Visioneers around the world, and providing real-world mentorship and learning opportunities for Visioneers, thereby building a Web of Good Work as a counter to the fog of negativity shrouding discourse on current global conditions and future prospects.

Watch this brief 8 minute video prepared by the Visioneers Youth Team that captures the spirit of visioneering and its inspiration for creating better prospects for the future.

Join with us and become a member of

The Visioneers International Network

Web of Good Work!

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