Building a Multigenerational Global Collaboratory

Building a Multigenerational Global Collaboratory

‍Dear  ‍,

Good Morning…Good Afternoon…fellow builders of Humanity’s Global Peace.  


The Visioneer International Network – Web of Good Work launched in October 2022 and is beginning its 2nd year. You are reading this email along with a multigenerational audience of over 1000 recipients on 6 continents in 62 countries. Among us there are leaders in 17 universities, and we are just beginning. 


Notes and Reminders:

The ceremony for the annual Robert Muller Peace Prize to be awarded to Dr Geraldine Schwartz and Dr Desmond Berghofer, takes place at 5pm today (October 24th). To watch it live, see the Zoom link in the attached flyer. We will send the recording in a few days so that you can watch it or share it. 


You can also expect the first initiative in the Waging Peace Series – The Club of Budapest “Save Our Future” Project with Ervin Laszlo shortly. 

A short summary of the Visioneers positive agenda for 2023-24

We write to you at this existential moment in human history understanding the deep soul-based angst all of us working for peace feel at the egregious terror unleashed by those unrestrained by moral human decency. When we understand clearly what this is, we too can seize the opportunity to enter the breach with  


a proclamation of human goodness and essential nobility
that is the task imperative of each Visioneer.


It is a statement of truth beyond hope that


we will not let humanity be defined by those few

who are experiencing the very darkest side of us.


Beyond all borders, barriers, and beliefs, we invite you to break out of silos, and to hear and consider the Visioneers 2023-24 Agenda as we build on the already established collaborations for Waging Peace, just as fiercely as those who would wage war. 

Building on the 4 platforms already in place,

these activities continue apace

  • of nominations and in gathering the family of Visioneers
  • of building of Humanity’s Golden Peace (see attachment for Humanity’s Golden Peace proclamation)
Humanity's Golden Peace

‍We are preparing 

The New Story


Showing the progress of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


and to share it among the millions of us who honor it with our lives and work, and we are not few in number…


we are legion.


The 2023-24 initiatives include:


The Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom in 11 episodes, including:

– Dr. Willis Harman  

– Dr. Ervin Laszlo  

– Dr. Jane Goodall DBE  

– Anne Baring  

– Dr. Jean Houston  

– Dr. William Halal  

– Dr. Robert Muller  

– Fred Arment  

– George and Sedena Cappannelli –

– Dr. Gerri Schwartz and Dr. Des Berghofer  

– Dr. Edgar Mitchell


The Global Citizenship Project


The Global Citizenship Course for schools


The Wall of (New) Stories


The time has come to say to every media source that we can speak to loudly and clearly. That we do not accept the truly unacceptable. That we do not crumble in despair when the perpetuators unleash their sick rampage. 

Let us gather to underline our common resolve

to truly be warriors for a Golden Peace.


Write to us…tell us your stories…

Join the Visioneers (if you are not yet a member)

Share this message with your networks…

and nominate worthy award winners!

Take the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom

Listen to the Robert Muller episode as an example – and be inspired.

Encourage High Schools in your community to consider

the course in Global Citizenship.


Dr. Gerri Schwartz Dr. Des Berghofer