Waging Peace: Building Humanity’s Golden Peace


The media of every kind reflect the dark and dangerous moment in time in which we, the current cohort of generations, live our lives. Across the world, our response to extraordinary floods, out of control wild fires, political leaders who lack integrity, outbreaks of war, and the ordinary issues of the economy are fear based. This tips the balance of well-being to the dark side in every thinking citizen, regardless of country, belief or anything else that appears to divide us from each other. Those in positions of power work hard to preserve the paradigm of current reality and the traditions that support it. All this keeps us at risk from the multi crises facing us.

But the current amazing advances in science and technology tell a different story: a new story full of hope, inspiration and new possibilities. The wisest among us tell us we need

a global mind change

We need to tell this new story to the citizens of the world who are ready to listen and who will act to try to change the minds of those they can reach, who in turn will listen and spread the story further, until we are numerous enough to break the paradigms apart and start working on the creative solutions we need to solve the critical situation now producing so much gloom.

Albert Einstein said two things that are important to consider:

“We cannot solve (complex) problems with the same thinking that created them.”

“A new higher level of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive.”

Both of these wisdom statements are now in play as we search to find our way forward. They tell us that we must cease making war on this planet in the many ways we do—against each other in international or civil strife; against the environment; and in the way we think about eradicating things that confound us. Instead, we must now wage peace with all of the intensity that we have hitherto waged war. Wage peace in protecting our children from harm, in looking after the vulnerable in our society, in promoting justice and truth telling, and in looking after the Earth, the biosphere and each other as members of one human family.

It is time to make the waging of peace the preeminent occupation of human beings everywhere. In the story below, we set out ideas and a strategy to begin that process.

Waging Peace: Building Humanity’s Golden Peace is a project of the Visioneers International Network. It was launched in a hybrid on-site/on-line event in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia on October 9, 2022. The Launch tells the whole story of the work of the Visioneers local team to create the Visioneers Project to showcase the nobility of people around the world. Filled with music, poetry and inspirational messages, it was live-streamed into 45 countries, now expanded to 62. It features outstanding global thought leaders who are part of the Visioneers Network and shows how the initiatives described below are part of a larger picture to create a peaceful and sustainable future.

The Waging Peace Project is built on four platforms
created by the Visioneers International Network

The Virtual Exposition of Good Work

This is a platform to display people and projects in 11 categories contributing to the good of the world.  Visioneer Awards are presented to outstanding people and projects.  Each award winner has their own pavilion to tell their remarkable story. The platform is interactive to show people working in the same category.

Through the work of the award winners, we can see a kinder, more diverse and dynamic new culture being built in front of our eyes. . . especially note the Heroes and Heroines of Humanity and the Visioneers Visionary Leaders.

Nominations are open.

The Wall of Stories

The people and the projects on the Virtual Expo are displayed on a second platform called the Wall of Stories. Each story is colour coded to link to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Develoment Goals to show real, on-the-ground progress on the achievement of the goals.

Their stories are added as we receive them.

The Masterworks Emporium

The third platform called the Masterworks Emporium has been created to display the products produced by the Visioneers on the Virtual Expo with links to access or purchase the product. This platform is a post modern multimedia library inspired by the ancient library of Alexandria to display the great work of our time across 9 categories, including books, poetry, music, film, and more.

Worthy work is added to the Masterworks Emporium.

The Leadership Circles

A fourth platform was introduced at the Launch of the Waging Peace project on October 9, 2022. This is called Leadership Circles and is meant to display initiatives created by teams of Visioneers who turn the lens on their own community to share the good news and good work being carried out, and to create needed new projects of good work. A special category has been created for Youth Leadership Circles in which young people can work together in teams on projects of good work.

Global participation is now in play. Create yours.

Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom

A second thrust of the Visioneers Project introduced at the Launch on October 9, 2022 was the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom. This consists of the wisdom teaching of 11 global thought leaders or wisdom keepers. Following the Launch, the Journey was produced in 11 episodes released one every two weeks from February to June, 2023. Along with the recording of the Launch, the Wisdom Episodes stand as a permanent resource to guide and inspire future action.

Meet the Local Visioneers Team

Gerri Schwartz

Desmond Berghofer

Tatiana Speed

Jamie Magrill

Jim Haliburton

Paul Adamson

Paul Adamson

Lori-Ann Speed

Maureen Edwardson

Roberta Borgen

Bill Borgen

Olga Nardy

Start your journey here! A Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom