To guide and inspire us on what we must do to win the peace and secure a future for generations to come, we present another wisdom keeper, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. 

Episode 11

A Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom — Conclusion

Winning the Peace

Dr. Edgar Mitchell

In October 2022, the Visioneers International Network presented its Launch ceremony to recognize the outstanding award winners on its Virtual Expo platform called a Web of Good Work.  The event was also the launch of The Visioneers Project to set in motion an enterprise to wage peace across the world as the best hope for humanity to get through the existential crises now facing it in the 21st century. 

The first step in Waging Peace was to release and promote the wisdom of global thought leaders as the foundation on which world peace can be built.  This was done over several months in 10 episodes, one every two weeks, called a Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom.  The journey is now complete with the collective wisdom synthesized in Episode 10. 

Far from being the end of the enterprise to wage peace, the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom was the beginning, and a new path now opens on the other side of the bifurcation point of the world human system described by wisdom keeper, Dr. Ervin Laszlo.  The goal on the new path is to win the peace.  This conclusion to the wisdom series serves as the launch of the action plan to do that. 

To guide and inspire us on what we must do as a human family on Earth to win the peace and secure a wondrous future for generations to come, we present in this episode the wisdom and life work of another wisdom keeper, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. 

Edgar Mitchell Photo

As an astronaut on the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, Edgar Dean Mitchell underwent an epiphany in which he experienced the oneness of humanity with the cosmos in a universe that he saw as intelligent, loving and harmonious.  This led him to devote the rest of his life to exploring how human consciousness is part of one vast field of cosmic energy and that we are magnificent beings of spirit with the power to create a wondrous future on Earth in keeping with such magnificence.

Interpreting the science of quantum physics to the human journey, Edgar Mitchell provides the Visioneers Project with the vision and certainty that we can transcend current difficulties by embracing the collective power of human consciousness to create a new reality.

Listen to the story of Dr. Edgar Mitchell and hear his wisdom to take us forward to win the peace.  Press the play button to begin.

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We are also releasing today the conclusion of the Visioneers Audio Theatre. Throughout the wisdom series, we have offered the episodes of the audio theatre as a complement to enrich your experience. Listen now to the conclusion to inspire you for the work ahead to win the peace.

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