Des and Gerri recording the audio theatre

The inspirational novel, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future, was brought to life when the book was first published in 1992 in an audio theatre voiced by Dr. Desmond Berghofer (the author) and Dr. Geraldine Schwartz. The original recording has been remastered and updated for today’s social, political and environmental conditions. It is an extraordinarily entertaining and inspirational commentary, including readings from the book.

Listen to the Audio Theatre beginning with the new introduction.  As you listen, consider all of the people in your family and network who should also hear this story and share it with them. 

Audio Theatre Full Episodes

You can listen to each audio clip as it becomes available by clicking on its title below. Most conveniently, download the audio clips to your computer so that you can load them on your phone or mp3 player:

  1. Beside each clip, click the Download icon.
  2. Save each clip as an mp3 file to your computer.
  3. Load the mp3 files to your iPhone or Android device, your tablet, or your mp3 player using the method you would normally use.

Then listen at your convenience, on the go, or at night before going to sleep. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes.