An Introduction to a Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom

Humanity's Golden Peace

Humanity’s Golden Peace is the safe harbour we need to deliver positive, creative solutions to the existential crises we face.

The overarching statement about the meaning of Golden Peace includes the absence of war, and much more.

Humanity is an
Endangered Species

This is a heart cry to global citizens to mobilize ... to join the rescue team by taking the epic journey guided by a new kind of leader and teacher, heroes and heroines who over a lifetime have discovered the way and who have returned to be among us, to share their own wisdom and the wisdom they have learned from others, so that we too may empower others.

We live in an extraordinary moment in time, a time of great danger and greater opportunity. This is not a time of gentle showers; it is a rainstorm, a whirlwind full of thunder and lightning. We must muster all our strength... those who are ready, let's embark. This is an adventure; expect surprises. Act boldly.

Our destination is a new story on the evolution of humanity to a new kind of presence on this planet. For that, we need new higher order secondary- and tertiary-level thinking skills to move us back from the brink and to develop the applications that will require complex, integrated, creative solutions to complex multilevel crises.

Science provides some powerful new knowledge to consider

Language Shapes Our Mind

At some very long ago distant past our ancestral home in thick forests nurtured our hominid families. Somehow a few discovered the power of symbolic language that allowed us to communicate complex ideas, imagery and visions beyond current reality. From that ancient time to this, these symbols shaped the brains and minds of the surviving Hominid species, Homo Sapiens and created the consciousness that allowed our neuroplastic brain to shape who we are today. In every culture the language with which we think shapes our beliefs and attitudes and most importantly our behaviour.

Fast forward to our current reality and the story begins:

As the early morning of the Age of Conscious Awareness dawns on the stunning beauty of planet Earth, floating in the velvet black of space, the inhabitants in every corner of the global village awake to the breaking news cracking through the smoky air. Everyone who turns on the news hears the stories of every bad action we can imagine from natural to man-made disasters, with a few end notes of some good stories, great or small.

Let's return to science for what this means.

Humans – and indeed all life – are motivated by two basic forces that underlie action:

fear and attraction.

Modern media of every kind shapes our thinking and our consciousness by using language that reflects fear, personal and collective, that registers in the mind of every listener. This presents a false, unbalanced picture of reality and hides the truth that:

We are connected at the very basis of the smallest quanta of our bodies and that it is our separateness that is an illusion

such that doing harm to others on the planet and to the resources that sustain us does harm to us, and to those we love and everything we value.

Physicist David Bohm in 1952 described the cosmos as

"an unknown wholeness in an undivided flowing movement without borders."

He published a radical reformulation of quantum mechanics. His theory postulates that "The universe is inherently non-local, fundamentally interconnected beyond the limitations of space and time."

For these ideas he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1958. These theories presented new ideas about our basic connectivity and the concept of quantum entanglement.

Sixty-four years later, in 2022, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists, Clauser, Aspect and Zeilinger, for establishing the energetic wholeness and connectivity as the reformulated quantum physics that provides scientific proof of our undivided wholeness.

This suggests that in the beginning, in an incomprehensible long ago time of billions of years beyond the known, what we have become to this time could not have been created at random and that it is likely that an incredible sentient cosmic force created all there is, including us, with intention, purpose and a plan of exquisite precision.

All reality, beginning with the tiniest quanta, was released into the vast void of unknowable blackness with a burst of energy of some kind so strong that, according to mathematical equations, it is still expanding. Since then, after trillions and trillions of iterations, the reality we recognize on the surface in all its incredible diversity is at its very basis one whole, where all the parts are governed by the same principles to evolve and thrive. Indeed,

evolution itself is a natural phenomenon of all reality.

At this time, this wonder, this Earth and all its inhabitants, is being pushed out of the balance generated by widespread fear, based on the false assumption, beliefs and behaviour that we are separate. Importantly, these beliefs do not take into consideration that we would not have survived to this point, and evolved to this advanced state, if that were the truth.

This is because

attraction is many times more powerful than fear in catalyzing evolution

and in promoting the understanding that everything was created as a whole system built in patterns and triggers of the greatest complexity where

unity was the organizing principle and evolution was and is the natural force that creates more powerful states of being generated by love, attraction and the force of goodness of every kind.

Therefore, to restore the balance of our origin, we need to change our thinking to what we now know is true:

That we are one species, one family, in all our beautiful diversity, connected wherever we are and

when we do good, express kindness, compassion, nurture and respect, our brains light up with the energy and power that produce the biochemistry that enhances health, well-being and, indeed, even prosperity.

We need to change our minds and trust each other as one family. We need to recognize that we live on a planet limited by finite resources.

We need to work in teams to discuss new ways to live within our Earth’s capacity and we need to use our creativity and imagination, of which there is no limit to create a new kind of future and to solve the problems we have created, with important new inventions, intentions, and behaviour.

Most important, we need to access our greatest power, of both intellect and emotions, the one released by the symbolic nature of positive language by learning to deal with the global-scale complexity of the multilevel crises we have created. To do this, we need to work together as a


on the problems we face as a system of problems that cannot be resolved one issue at a time.

We Can Do This!

If anyone thinks this new thinking is impossible to spread on a global scale, it is time to remind ourselves of some facts we already know.

As of this moment, two-thirds of all the people on Earth can connect to this message via their cell phones. By 2030, it is expected that three-quarters of us will be able to do this. We are, therefore

global citizens who live in a global village

virtually connected without barriers or borders by the Internet. This allows us to express the true noble nature of Humanity.

To do this, the Visioneers Network has built the virtual road for the journey and the platforms to display the evidence of the

Web of Good Work...

to tell the new stories of all those already working with this evolved consciousness, the Visioneers present:

The Wall of Stories

An image of the Wall of Stories

And we know how to do this.

In the last 100 years we have created literacy in the symbolic language that differentiated us from our ancient hominid ancestors so long ago. We have made literacy the right of everyone to learn to read by teaching reading, writing and even mathematics as primary skills in school, and we are in the process of providing widespread access to a global communication system available in most places across the planet where even language need not be a barrier.

We live in a time when the impact of the last 150+ years of human activity has created an existential multi crises that cannot be resolved by the current level of thinking. We need to raise our game to higher order secondary and tertiary level thinking skills.

Albert Einstein said two important things to consider:

Albert Einstein

"A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels."

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them."

We begin with knowledge and the primary skills that underlies all complex action.

In Canada, the Council of Ministers of Education has added a new sixth competency built on the primary level oral and written literacy and numeracy in

Global Citizenship and Sustainability

as a criterion for graduation for all high-school students to the five already included. Together, these competencies will create a younger generation ready to succeed.

These six competencies include the following thinking skills:

  • Learning to Learn
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Global Citizenship and Sustainability

All six are higher-order secondary-level thinking skills. Their application to independent, unconventional, interpersonal and intrapersonal, complex integrated problem-solving are tertiary-level competencies. This level of thinking skill, while still not widely available, is strategically present across the planet. The evolution to the widespread use of all six competencies, and the applications that follow, could provide the answer to begin to address the multilevel crises that we now face, and this is the central mission of The Visioneers Project.

to create a global mind change and a new literacy in global citizenship.

The Visioneers have already begun to respond by beginning the building of a new curriculum to do so and to promote the ability to spread this curriculum virtually to the younger generations in a matter of years by teaching it in schools.

We need to make this available to the multigenerations of leaders of all ages worldwide in an easily accessible format without barriers of cost or national borders by inviting the participation of individuals and groups of every kind whose mission is already congruent with the new story to spread the message strategically.

The Visioneers International Network Web of Good Work is creating the course needed for that purpose, has set up the virtual platforms to tell the new story, and has built the Wall of Stories in support of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) to display the observable evidence that

Humanity is one noble species, one family evolving towards goodness and that we are making progress on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We ask those who take this journey to help spread the word, not only by participating themselves but by sharing it with others. In so doing

You are invited to take the journey of Extraordinary Wisdom and help us build the Wall of Stories

by giving countless examples and evidence of stories of humanity's goodness and nobility, so that at some future dawn the media of every kind will spread the stories of awe and wonder, of grace and gratitude, and of bold interventions that address the multiple problems with new thinking about the truth of who we actually are, so filling the conscious awareness of humanity with the power to invent and invest in new ways to live on this planet by moving beliefs and behaviour away from fear to attraction and love by learning to care for each other and the planet and all life that nurtures us.

Humanity is an endangered species

And we must act to ensure its continued evolution by building a thinking future for humanity. Those who are ready to take the journey to mobilize ... to listen to the heart cry of global citizens, at their own pace and time, and especially to work on this together with friends and colleagues of like mind in a


The invitation to embark is open ... Let's begin.

Becoming a Global Citizen — A Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom

Person sets out on a journey

Imagine you have completed your education goals for now. You have some time to wait before you start the next phase. Meanwhile, you are offered "a gap year" ... time to think about and get ready for what you will do next.

You set out on a journey of adventure, exploration and discovery to meet the best thinkers you can find to guide you in developing the higher order thinking you need to become a global citizen.

You are ready to embark.

You are developing a new competency. Set aside some time each week for yourself to listen carefully to the thought leaders in each episode, to write notes to consider the meaning as it relates to your own life and to your contribution to your community. At any time during your journey, you might invite two or more others to join you for discussions by sharing this invitation where they can start at the beginning and proceed at their own pace.

Once you have completed the journey you can choose various levels of participation that The Visioneers International Network offers. To begin the journey, read on!

Here are the three questions to be considered as you proceed on your journey:

  1. What is the meaning of the key thinking in this episode?
  2. How does what you have learned apply to your own community?
  3. What are some applications of this wisdom to acts, projects or programs in your community?

Start your journey here with our video series:

Start your Journey

Join an extraordinary global community of others of like mind.

The Visioneers are in gathering the family of evolved leaders from everyday corner of the planet to participate in a new community of those ready to act, to share with others, to point the lens to their own community, to nominate worthy candidates for awards and worthy projects for the wall of stories. If you are ready to walk with others to make a real difference, big or small then: