We are living in an extraordinary moment in human history when the evil of egregious moral bad action pervades the airwaves and media outlets of every kind as if it were the whole truth.

If we are to reach our human potential and evolve to the higher order beings we must become, we cannot allow this moment or the actions of a very few to define us.

The Visioneers Project is focused on responding with robust ferocity to wage peace and to tell the new stories to a multi generational cohort of the generations now alive that humanity is a good and noble species. To do this we need to send our message very widely into the global environment in which we live and thrive as a species that is just as much at risk as our climate. We need to do this without cost to the viewers to the degree possible.

To do this, we need benefactors willing to support a global movement to wage peace that is not just the absence of war, but to build a diverse Golden Peace.

The Visioneers is a People’s Project

If you are willing to help us, you can become a partner in this process by helping us share our message.

Our wisdom keepers, our local team and our leaders volunteer their time. So far, Visioneers, individual and corporate donors, and the International Foundation of Learning have supported The Visioneers.

To move to the next phase to spread the word and the wisdom, we need help to provide long term sustainability.  You can become a partner to the Visioneers Project.

The Visioneers Project is supported by the International Foundation of Learning - Canadian Charity #892185448 RR0001. A charitable receipt is available to Canadian donors from the International Foundation of Learning. One hundred percent of contributions made in this way go directly to support the Visioneers Project.

To help the Visioneers establish a solid foundation for the future contact Gerri Schwartz at the Visioneers – gerrischwartz@thevisioneers.ca