Visioneers Bulletin 

VOL. 2 NO. 6

Lets raise 10,000 Flags for Good

Founders Dr. Desmond Berghofer and Dr. Geraldine Schwartz
Gerri here
We are living in a worldwide existential moment for humanity...

It behooves us to pay attention. 

As the multifaceted human emergencies of pandemics, climate change, wealth inequalities and the breakdown of the rule of law produce a new and explosive threat to world order, a new phenomenon emerges. We can actually watch in real-time the wrong-headed, naked aggression of Russian troops who bring Armageddon to the democratic country of their “little brothers” in Ukraine. The parallel images of the most terrible world war endured by humanity flood our heart space and fill us with fear for the global future. 

Yet this time is different.
The people are not standing for it.

Consider the following images as observable evidence: 

  • Ordinary Ukrainians are fighting back. 
    A most impressive Ukrainian army and their cohort of civilians are holding back even for a time one of the world’s most powerful military forces as nations around the world are sending military and humanitarian aid and volunteers worldwide stream in to help them.

  • In Britain and Canada we see members of parliament stand in unison applauding the bravery and words of President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.  
  • The United States Congress, Senate and judiciary, the most politically polarized government in the world, stand clapping in unison... to support president Biden’s condemnation of Russian aggression and against president Putin’s criminal action as Biden moves to sanction this egregious behaviour on the world stage.  
  • In the streets of hundreds of cities worldwide, protestors gather in thousands to protest the war.  
  • The United Nations general assembly votes overwhelmingly (141 to 5, with 35 abstentions including China) on the resolution vetoed by Russia, at the Security Council to reprimand Moscow on their invasion of Ukraine and to demand that Moscow stop fighting and withdraw their military forces immediately (a symbolic victory for Ukraine) 
  • The International Criminal Court (ICC), begins to investigate Putin for war crimes only 7 days into the war. 

At this writing, we can only see the worldwide condemnation and isolation delivered as sanctions but there will be massive and very real consequences to such evil acts of aggression this time…  as the people and their leaders have changed their minds profoundly on the legitimacy of such acts of aggression that have been going on unchecked for thousands of years. 


What does this mean for the future of our world,

our planet, and the survival of our species? 

While the emergencies of climate change and pandemics take their time, the terrible war images coming out of Ukraine are clear and immediate acts of evil that cannot be ignored.

The heart space of the people of the world has been invaded and is profoundly touched with extreme sadness at the plight of their fellow citizens in Ukraine.

This opens the door of opportunity that allows the crack of light to break into the darkness and catalyze action. 

As the human community sees the old order for what it truly is and declares it unacceptable, we will see it dissolve in front of our eyes...

We are entering a new time...a new age, a unique moment in time. We have choices now... 

To thrive, we need to strategically and intentionally choose the light... 

Special note - a Ukrainian refugee family of 5, now awaiting in Spain to come to Vancouver, is looking for accommodations in a two-bedroom suite in metro Vancouver that could be offered to them without rent as they get established. The father is an engineer with a special patent (speaks English) and is coming to look for work. If anyone has a way of helping this family or knows someone who might, please contact Sarah Taylor at

Special Opportunity

Visioneer Heroine of Humanity, three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and founder of the Oxford Research Group Dr. Scilla Elworthy has worked to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics. In 2003 Scilla founded Peace Direct, to work closely with locally-led peace building initiatives throughout the world, bringing us daily experience in how to help prevent violent conflict and build sustainable peace throughout the world. She was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003 and the Luxembourg Peace Prize in 2020.
She is now launching an important 10 week digital course called The Mighty Heart to empower peace workers worldwide. 

The program begins April 26th, 2022.

Click the link to find out about this course and to register.

Lets Wave 10,000 Flags for Good 

Moving towards the launch of the
Visioneers Project in October 2022

As we move towards the launch of the Visioneers Project we bring a powerful diverse multigenerational community of leaders. 

Here are some examples: 

Visioneer Visionary Leader and influential futurist, Dr. William Halal
“predicts” in his new impactful book Beyond Knowledge, that a New Age of Consciousness will emerge by 2025, plus or minus 5 years, that is driving the world to grow up to resolve global crises and to develop a sustainable world order. 

Visioneer Hero of Humanity, Dr. Willis Harman foresaw many years ago in his book Global Mind Change that..

”we are living through one of the most fundamental shifts in history – a change in the actual belief structure of western society. No economic, political or military power can compare with the power of a change of mind. By deliberately changing their images of reality, people are changing the world.” 

Visioneer Hero of Humanity, Ervin Lazslo says in his new book Upshift: Wiser Living on Planet Earth:

"The chances of shifting to a new world have never been as good as they are today. We are at the tipping point. The old world is moving into history and a new world is waiting to be born. It will be a different world, but whether it will be better or worse than the world we have today is yet to be decided. The decision rests with us." 


So at last we have come to it 
Lets raise 10,000 flags for good… 

A Plan of Action 

Moving towards the Visioners Launch in October 2022

 Here is the outline of our plan of action as we move towards the launch of the Visioneer project in October 2022. 

We begin with a New Vision

We are gathering our community of Visioneers for collective action.

We are creating

A Virtual campus for an International People’s Exposition
as a modern centre of wisdom and new learning.

We are creating 

The Masterworks Emporium of the Great Work of our Time

To tell the stories of right action and celebrate the outstanding work of Visioneers in a splendid expansive modern library set out in 9 wings of activity. 

We are creating 

The Wall of Stories

These stories, already in the hundreds, flow across the screen as bricks building a colour-coded wall that supports
The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

They present observable evidence of humanity’s progress towards intrinsic goodness.

Imagine the launch 

The launch will be a beautiful, organic, timeless expression of the presence and meaning that

The Age of Consciousness

is already present.

It will take place in Vancouver, Canada as a live event, and it will be recorded for use wherever required.

Vibrant visuals, music, songs, children’s choirs will deliver the message in clear, succinct statements offered as a hybrid live and virtual event.

It will include an official award ceremony of Visioneer Award Winners as outstanding examples of people acting over
a lifetime in the age of global consciousness to do their good work.

mosaic of the first ten follow up episodes will be presented these episodes will be released over a three month period and then posted on the sites of the Visioneer host as a permanent legacy of their work. 

Each episode will be prepared by a Visioneer invited to tell their own story in their own voice. There are already more than 350 impressive examples of stories on our site and this continues to grow by nomination.

This will provide Visioneers the opportunity to tell the world

the good work they are doing.   


Phase Two: of the Visioneers International Project 

Preparation of the Full Cohort of Visioneers for Collective Action Leading up to the Launch.

A series of activities will now take place that will enhance the power of Visioneers in mind, heart and spirit to engage in positive collective action as we enter the Age of Consciousness and launch our project.

Here is the example of the kind of music and images that will be presented at the launch. This song written by our Visioneer coordinator Tatiana Speed. 
Visioneer Award Winner Melody Baskin's song One Planet will be adapted to a children's choir and played at the launch. 
Visioneer Award Winners posted

in The Virtual Expo this 

We honour our most recent Hero and Heroine of Humanity:

Ervin Lazslo
Italy, Hungary
Hero of Humanity

Scilla Elworthy
United Kingdom
Heroine of Humanity

Jane Goodall 
Heroine of Humanity

profile in progress
We honour our most recent Visionary Leader Award Winners: 

William E. Halal 



Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Paul Schafer 

Mirela Sula 

profile in progress 

Paul Samuel Dolman

profile in progress
We honour our most recent Lifetime Achievement Award Winners: 

Roberta Borgen

Mike Nickerson

Carlos Palma


Kurt Johnson 

Youth Award Winners this Quarter 
We honour our youth award winners and their incredible contributions:

Kristin Hoffman

Michael Averill

Michael Mcgovern

South Sudan 

Ruwanthi Halwala

Upcoming nominations in progress! 
Bruce Lipton

Charles Eisenstein 


Project Excellence Awards 

Building relationships and strategic alliances with organizations receiving Project Excellence Awards is a Visioneer high priority.
Here are this quarter's most recent Project Excellence award winners.

We are proud to be working with the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH) to honour the research of their exemplary student nurses.  

For research on  
Homelessness: A Global Health Challenge

We honour Heer Shukla & Heli Shukla


For research on 
Students with Disabilities: How do we ensure their right to inclusive education?


We honour Karissa Salama-Frakes and Juan Senmache 


For research on
Advancing Quality Education For Girls in Malawi: Steps to Meeting SDG #5

 ​We honour Sonia Caranci & Emma Lee


The Masterworks Emporium of the

Great Works of our Time 

Features the following examples of outstanding 

Visioneer Award Winning


posted this quarter  

Ervin Lazslo

William E. Halal

Willis Harman 

Rama Mani and Alexander Schieffer

Cherl Melody Baskin

Dr.  Joan Borysenko 

Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin


The Masterworks

Features the following examples of Visioneer award winning musicians posted this quarter: 
Tatiana Speed presents her newest song inspired by the Humanity Charter launched on the International Day of Peace in 2019 by the Visioneer awarded organization Home for Humanity.  

The Humanity Charter expresses a collective vision for these times - for humanity to come together in unity to transform our divided world into a united home for all.
Visioneer Award winner Kristin Hoffman presents this utterly stunning masterpiece. 
Visioneer Award Winner Steven Walters' beautiful music graces us with a sense of peace, well-being and gratitude.   This music is a treasure.  
New Visioneer Award winner Michael Mcgovern enchants us with this Scottish Ballad.  

Newsworthy Announcements 
We give a standing O
To our dear friends Rama Mani and Alexander Schieffer 
for the launch of their new book 

Pioneering Pathways 
From our Destructive Present to a Regenerative Future 

"This book is the joint response of 87 integral changemakers from 43 countries, aged 8 to 87, associated with Home for Humanity, to today's burning question: How do we transform our divided world into an inclusive, regenerative home for the family of life on Earth?"

To learn more about this wonderful book click here! 

We give a standing O to Barbara Muller

Recently elected for a 2 year term as President of the UN Association

Recently elected to serve a 2 year term as the President of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace starting in July 2022. 

Barbara Muller's Peace Podcast has now reached over 80 peace builders! 

Go Barbara!



Desmond speaking... 

Synchronicities in a Time of Confusion

For those who are paying attention, an amazing display of synchronicity is occurring at the forefront of thinking about the way out of the seemingly impossible impasse of compounding existential crises facing humanity.

Just as the Visioneers Project is planning a bold launch declaring the sure and certain evolution of humanity towards goodness and planetary cooperation, two new books have appeared showing the possible way forward on a timeline as short as the decade of the 2020s.

After three quarters of a century of slow revelations in which scholars and forecasters have been warning about the world’s march into a non-sustainable future, the tempo of warnings and proposed solutions has intensified, shifting the timeline from decades to mere years.  This also coincides with the work of the United Nations setting out 17 Sustainable Development Goals for achievement by 2030.  

It is as if a tsunami of action for rescuing the world from human predation 

is now sweeping over us, and we are being challenged to ride the wave 

into a sunny shoreline now becoming partly visible through the flung spume.

The first of the two books presaging immediate human progress on our existential problems is Beyond Knowledge: How Technology is Driving an Age of Consciousness (2021), written by Dr. William Halal, Professor Emeritus at George Washington University DC and recognized as one of the top 100 futurists in the world.  In this timely book, Bill Halal sets out the structure of a Life Cycle of Evolution from the beginning of the universe 13.8 billion years ago to our present time, in which humanity at an exponentially increased rate of change has just reached the apex of an Age of Knowledge and is heading into an Age of Subjective Consciousness.  Halal’s timeline for seeing substantial progress into the Consciousness Age is the next five to ten years.

Coming hard upon Bill Halal’s book is the latest publication of planetary elder, philosopher and system theorist, Professor Ervin Laszlo.  Released in February 2022, Laszlo’s book is entitled The Upshift:  Wiser Living on Planet Earth.  It is a “handbook for urgent action” for “achieving our highest levels of individual and collective action.”  Taking off from the precept that one must be the change that one wants to see in the world, The Upshift outlines what each and every conscious and responsible human being can and must do to choose a future of thriving for the human family.  Laszlo’s vision of that future world, attainable he believes to a large degree by dateline 2030, is rich with poetic imagery drawn from his beloved field of music: 

“Together we shall create the most beautiful performance ever attempted: 

life and governance fused into the synergistic energy of music, 

resonating and singing to all corners of the universe.”  

It is an Upshift to a higher order of global consciousness rather than a Downshift to go deeper into the quagmire of outdated beliefs and behaviour that have brought us to our present state of multifaceted global crises.  Laszlo believes that we are now at the tipping point for that Upshift or Downshift to occur in the world system, and that the shift will occur soon and quickly.

Coincident with the intellectual fervour created by the developments described above, comes in February 2022 what appears to be a devastating step backwards for humanity, as Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, launches the most egregious military assault on human well-being and world stability since the darkest days of aggression launched by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime in the 1930s.  We can pessimistically see this as confirmation that a future of peace and harmony across the world is beyond the capability of humans to achieve, or we can see it from a different perspective.

The perspective I prefer to offer is that Putin’s assault is an egregious example 

of resistance to the collapse of the old paradigm that must dissolve 

before a new one can replace it. 

We can expect more examples of this in the coming years (though hopefully not stained with blood as this one is), not just in geopolitical affairs, but also in economics, corporatism, and industrial activity—in fact, in any of the spheres where human activity in the old paradigm has been carrying us towards the abyss.

We can expect pain and suffering everywhere, but we should not interpret this as breakdown, but rather as dissolution of a destructive human presence on Earth, which is in the process of being replaced by something much more wholesome and unified.  We cannot expect to see Laszlo’s Upshift without the pain of dislocation as the way we live undergoes radical change— everything from our consumption of products to our choices to exert pressure on the Earth in a myriad of ways, and our exploitation, conscious and unconscious, of other peoples, particularly in the poorest countries.  The essential requirement as we go through such birth pains is that we understand the process and hold fast to a vision of the possible future world we are striving to create.

Nature provides us every year with the model we must seek to emulate in human affairs—the transformation from the rigours of winter to the birth and renewal of spring.  There will be unexpected wintry blasts in company with warm and sunny days, but the full flowering of the new season will surely come.  

The spring of a new global paradigm to replace the old 

that has gripped humanity for too long, can be nurtured into life 

with intention only by human consciousness.  

We are being called to be midwives to a new global consciousness of peace, harmony and sustainability that is now building, especially while we act together as a catalyst of this new time in human evolution.
Let us then join our voices and speak loudly together with a common message that we are a noble species, intimately connected to each other, and evolving in all our magnificent diversity towards goodness; and that we need to act with intention, passion and resolution to create our future on that central ethos.

Let us embrace with enthusiasm and humility the role we are being called upon to play, uplifted by a spiritual understanding that in the words of Visioneer Heroine of Humanity, Anne Baring, 

“We are the voice of the cosmos waking up on the planet.”
Dr. Desmond Berghofer has written The Rationale behind the Visioneers International Network Project.  

To read the article click here: 
Important Links: 

Visioneer website: 

Visioneers Masterworks Emporium:

Visioneers United Nations SDGs: 

Visioneers Virtual Expo:

Desmond's Rationale for a Global Mind Change


One Planet by Melody Baskin

Caravan by Tatiana Speed

Earth Family by Tatiana Speed 

The Invitation
Act to Nominate Our Fellow Visioneers

We invite each Visioneer to consider their own community and to soul-search to ingather from whom they admire and respect, those who need to be part of this team. With that talent, we will create the future.

We look forward to hearing from you with your nominations and be assured we will make the rest easy. Send the information to Gerri, Tatiana, or Desmond

Let’s go for it.