Preparation of the Full Cohort of Visioneers for Collective Action Leading up to the Launch.

A series of activities will now take place that will enhance the power of Visioneers in mind, heart and spirit to engage in positive collective action as we enter the Age of Consciousness and launch our project.

Bulletin Volume 2, Number 6 acts as a foundation for understanding the full range of possibilities as it now stands to a cascade of activities that will impact the global culture change that we need to encourage in a positive direction. In particular, please note for you information the following three features in this bulletin:

  • The New Vision
  • Des Berghofer’s Rationale for the Visioneers International Project
  • As well as plans for the launch on October 9th, 2022 as a hybrid virtual and onsite event held in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Wisdom Sharing for the Full Cohort of Visioneers

We understand that Visioneers active in their work and world do not have a lot of time for reading, especially when it involves complex concepts and ideas. Therefore, through short form essays, precis, scenarios, poetry, podcasts, etc., our outstanding Visioneers will generously share their wisdom, especially related to the approaching Age of Global Consciousness. These gifts will be condensed to between 30-minutes and 2 hours of reading and delivered to your email inbox at approximately 2-week intervals.

The first gift of sharing has been prepared by Visioneer Hero of Humanity Ervin Laszlo, who has created his latest thinking into a new format based on his new book just published called The Upshift: Wiser Living on Planet Earth. This work highlights the fact that we are at a tipping point in terms of how the future plays out and it is meant to act as a blueprint to ensure that we “upshift” into a positive future.

This will be sent two weeks following the Visioneers bulletin and followed two weeks further on by A Future’s History. 

A Future’s History to 2030 of the Visioneers project was written by Des Berghofer as a vision feature to where we are going. 

Visioneer Visionary Leader Bill Halal’s article on the Age of Consciousness from his new book Beyond Knowledge will be next. 

Gerri Schwartz will contribute an essay on the feminine perspective in contributions to a positive future, from her book Journey’s to Second Adulthood: A Woman’s Search for Higher Ground. 

This will be followed by a further series of essays and other forms of communication by our champion leaders on an ongoing basis by invitation. The profound thinking of some of the best minds on the planet are meant as a “treasure box” to prepare us and inspire us to act together. 

Strategic alliances with active networks of evolved people are being engaged to participate in the dissemination of the stories now building on our Wall of Stories in the Visioneer Reservoir of Human Goodness. Already, ten networks are volunteering to participate and more will be engaged so that we have a way to send our message out to tens of thousands of leaders and evolved thinkers prepared to listen.

Episodes of the Visioneer stories will follow the launch. The first people to prepare these stories for viewing are now being invited to consider their contributions and we expect to send these out in clusters of ten episodes at an appropriate time for live viewing in particular time zones, and then they will be posted on our website in the pavilion of the host following the launch. 

Steering committees for various Visioneers projects, will be formed over the next months to provide advice and help in strategic areas, including links with the United Nations and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the launch, the follow-up episodes, fundraising, etc.

Circles of leaders, flexible and fluid, will be invited as projects emerge that require collective action. Note – the technology to do this is now being developed.

The Round Table meetings will continue to provide advice to the core group

Visioneers meeting to build community and engage in dialogue hosted by youth leader Tatiana Speed will take place at regular intervals. 

Nominations of extraordinary people as candidates for Visioneer awards has been accelerating and will continue. To nominate a Visioneer please email Tatiana at

As you can see, the time for action has arrived, we already have a magnificent talent pool of Visioneers and we now need to begin to engage. The key words include urgency, focus, positive relationships, imagination, generosity, and friendship. 

Momentum is accelerating and we have the wind at our back - let’s do this together.