David Powell

Founder of The Golden Thread

David Powell 
Brief Bio

David Powell is a life skills mentor, author and executive coach. He is the founder of The Golden Thread, a media and education company that empowers people and teams to find their way.

Through online courses, workshops and media, he helps you build the essential life skills you didn’t learn at school so you can stay true to your life purpose.

Q&A with David 
How would you describe yourself?
I see myself as a physical and metaphysical engineer with mentoring skills developed over decades of practice. My quest is to help people navigate the physical and metaphysical realms to lead more fulfilling lives.
What is a metaphysical engineer?
It’s someone who understands the general laws of physics and metaphysics and knows how to empower and inspire the whole person - body, mind, emotions and spirit - to achieve practical outcomes like creating and living a better life.
What’s your life journey look like?
I gained a first-class honours degree in chemical engineering and worked in the resources and IT industries for 24 years, leading many teams to success. I realised my passion lay in empowering people. So I quit corporate life and became a life and business skills trainer, facilitator, and mentor. It has been a wonderful time over almost three decades, helping individuals and teams in hundreds of organisations across 30 countries and five continents improve their lives, strategies, and performance. Now I’m focusing on The Golden Thread, a media, and education company that globally helps people take the lead in their lives.
What made you start The Golden Thread?
Everyone’s following their own thread, trying to stay true to their life vision and purpose. And it’s not a straight line. Look at my own life path. I’ve travelled extensively, from driving across the world in a Land Rover from London to Australia, to trekking the high passes of the Himalayas. I lived for months with a yoga teacher in Sri Lanka. I studied with Tibetan monks. I’ve even fire-walked. I’ve studied the gnostic wisdom behind every religion and practiced meditation for decades. And of course, there’s my career in senior management across two major industries. My life path showed me how hungry people are to learn practical life skills not usually taught at school, the kind of skills that help you navigate life and get you where you want to go. And that’s my life purpose – to teach those skills and empower people and teams. The Golden Thread shares all I’ve learned in a practical online course - Life Journey Skills – plus the Big Life Questions videos and my book. For me, it’s just incredibly exciting to launch decades’ worth of life lessons in one place.