The Visioneers Goal Progress chart tracks the breadth of Visioneer activities providing meaningful progress towards fulfillment of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each Visioneer, Project or Masterworks Entry may be tagged with an SDG with which it is aligned in a meaningful way. By this we mean that the person, project or entry is actively progressing on activities aligned with that particular goal.

Each bar in the graph below represents one SDG and is colour-coded to that SDG. Each colour shade in a single bar represents Visioneers, Projects, or Masterworks Entries, from darkest to lightest. A legend is provided to the right of the graph. Positioning your mouse directly over a segment of a bar will provide you with the exact number of entries that are tagged with that SDG.

Each goal in the graph above is labeled with a goal number and coded with a goal colour. You can learn more about any particular goal by clicking an item in the chart below.