Carlos Dario Palma Lema

General Coordinator of the Living Peace International

Carlos Dario Palma Lema

Born in Canelones (Uruguay) on December 19th, 1958.

Carlos has studied Philosophy (Uruguay), Theology (Jerusalem), Sociology (Italy) Biblical Archaeology (Jerusalem)

He has spent his last 30 years to the formation of children and youth to a new culture of brotherhood and unity, organizing conferences and festivals nationally and internationally in several countries worldwide (Italy, France, U.K., Portugal, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and 11 years in Egypt.)

From 2006 to 2015 he worked as Director of International Activities for some American and International Schools in Cairo.

Since 2011 he has organized three major international Peace Festivals involving more than 50,000 young people from many countries, presenting to hundreds of schools his various projects of peace education.

In 2012 he was named "Ambassador of Peace" by the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors based in Geneva, Switzerland, in recognition of his important activity and international prestige in favor of a culture of peace.

Since 2011 he has participated every year in the World Peace Forum in Schengen (Luxembourg) and has actively contributed each time with a group of Egyptian students who have presented several workshops, testimonies and seminars on various current issues in the pursuit of peace in a so committed and suffered area.

From 2012 he began to work on a new educational project for peace "Living Peace International” now presenting in over 1500 schools, associations and groups in 160 countries, involving more than one million children, teens  and youth. 

Living Peace International is today working with 72 important International Peace Organizations from all over the world

In May 2012 Mr. Palma was nominated by the World Peace Forum Coordinator of all activities for Youth Peace Education.

In April 2014 Mr. Palma received at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Luxembourg the Luxembourg Peace Prize by hands of Mr. Dominicus Rohde, president and founder of the Schengen Peace Foundation and the WPF, in recognition of his last Education Peace Project Peace “Living Peace” with irradiation all around the world.

In November of the same year he received a Honorificacion by the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors in merit to his work for peace in the youth’s world.

Also in 2014 Mr. Palma was one of the candidates for the "Education for Peace", Prize Award in Washington and "A culture of nonviolence" of UNESCO.

In May 2015 Mr. Palma organized the first World Youth Forum for Peace in Cairo, with the participation of 1,300 students from 28 countries. In the context of this great event he received the Awards of Augsburg (Germany) "Angel of culture" for his efforts to create a culture of peace for the future generations

In January 2016 he was nominated President of the Youth World Peace Forum (Schengen / Luxembourg). Since then, 3 other YWPFs have been organized, in Florianopolis, Brazil (2016) and in Madaba, Jordan (2017) and   in Manila, Philippines (2018), involving 10 thousand young people from all over the world.

In June 2016, he was awarded with the "Harmony among Peoples" Prize by the Municipality of Montecatini (Florence-Italy) and in November of the same year he was invited to present his international project Living Peace at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France).

In 2018 he received four Peace Awards: “United for Peace”, by Rotary International in Spain, La Paloma de la Paz (Argentina), Vigor Award (Canada) and Cathay Peace Prize (China).

In February 2019 was the last Peace Award. “The Right to Peace” (Dem. Rep. of CONGO) , by the Word Peace Foundation

In February 2022 he has been awarded with the High Degree Doctorate Honoris Causa in Peace Education by the International Diplomatic Corps during the V WORLD SUMMIT OF ARTS, SCIENCES AND SPIRITUALITY FOR PEACE AND LIFE with international validity supported by the authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of the Republic of Ecuador.

He is currently the General Coordinator of the Living Peace International, following all the activity from his Central Secretary in the city of Porto, in Portugal.