Visioneers International Network Web of Good Work with a globe supported by a collection of diverse hands symbolizing global support, collaboration and unity on a backdrop of stars.

For people to undertake a great task, they need to believe that they can do it. Through the power of imagination, they tell themselves a story, seeing themselves successful in overcoming all obstacles and winning out, no matter how difficult the challenge. Such is the essence of all great achievements in life.

The Visioneers International Network and Web of Good Work was born from this understanding. It began with a story, a story about how people all over the world came together in a great human drama to create a global civilization of peace and prosperity for all. They called themselves Visioneers, pioneers of the future, creating visions of what people can achieve when they are aligned with higher purpose and choose to work together to turn their dreams into reality.

The story was written as a novel and published in 1992 under the title, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future. The author, Desmond Berghofer, intended it to be an inspiration for people to take up the challenge of moving world events off a slippery slope towards breakdown. But the story was a little ahead of its time. It seemed that the world needed to slide further towards collapse before people could become fully awake to the danger and be inspired to turn things around. Twenty-five years later, Desmond and his life-partner, Geraldine Schwartz, revisited the Visioneers story, and saw that its message was truly meant for this new and more dangerous time as the world came towards the end of the teen years of the 21st century. They decided to use the Visioneers story as the inspiration for a global initiative to help move the world off its dangerous course.

Gerri and Desmond recognized that in the years since the book was published, thousands of people in every country on Earth had been gathering and acting to shape a positive future for the world. These were the Visioneers of Desmond’s imagination. Gerri took the lead and with Desmond and a team of other Visioneers, she sought to create a Virtual Exposition to showcase the extraordinary accomplishments of Visioneers everywhere and to connect them on a global platform so that they could inspire and mentor each other. The new enterprise was called the Visioneeers International Network and the Virtual Exposition became a part of the Web of Good Work.

Easy connection to the original story of the Visioneers is provided for everyone who joins the Visioneers International Network through the gift of the Visioneers Audio Theatre. This is a series of 20 half-hour episodes, made by Desmond and Gerri when the book was published in 1992 and re-mastered on a digital file for simple downloading from the Visioneers website. The original novel is still available for purchase and an e-book has also been published.

The Visioneers Project is alive with story, the original one written as a fantasy, now inspiring thousands of new, true stories of what people everywhere are doing to contribute towards a better future for all. Never has the world been more in need of such stories. Woven together as a Web of Good Work, they are the antidote to the fog of negativity that depresses the creativity and goodness of human nobility.

Desmond and Gerri invite everyone to join the Visioneers International Network, visit the inspirational stories on the Virtual Exposition, and fire up their own imaginations to make their own real-life contributions to the wonderful world waiting to be born. Such is the essence of a meaningful life.