The wisdom we have heard is meant to inspire action on creating the whole new transformative future for humanity that lies ahead.

Episode 10

Waging Peace

Guidance From the Wisdom Keepers
on How We Win the Peace

We have arrived at the destination stop on our Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom.  This does not mean the end of the story we are weaving.  Far from it.  For the wisdom we have heard is meant to inspire action on creating the whole new transformative future for humanity that lies ahead.

However, this stopping point allows us to catch our breath and review all that we have heard.  With so much to take in, it’s hard to keep it all front of mind.  So that is what Episode 10 is intended to do, to present in one episode the essence of the wisdom we have received so that we can put it all together in our minds to guide our next steps in action.

The thought leaders we have introduced in this series of Extraordinary Wisdom are truly remarkable human beings who have devoted their lives to helping us get through and play our part in what Jean Houston calls “the greatest transition drama that the world has ever seen.”  Let us meet them again here.

Willis Harman Photo
Willis Harman
Visioneers Hero of Humanity
Ervin Laszlo Photo
Dr. Ervin Laszlo
Institute of New Paradigm Research
Jane Goodall Photo
Dr. Jane Goodall DBE
Founder Jane Goodall Institute
United Nations Messenger of Peace
Anne Baring Photo
Anne Baring
Visioneers Heroine of Humanity
Jean Houston Photo
Dr. Jean Houston
Human Potential Movement
Bill Halal Photo
Dr. William Halal
George Washington University
David Lorimer Photo
David Lorimer
Scientific and Medical Network
Robert Muller Photo
Dr. Robert Muller
Visioneers Hero of Humanity
Fred Arment Photo
Fred Arment
International Cities of Peace
George and Sedena Cappannelli Photo
George and Sedena Cappannelli
Age Nation

Prepare now to hear the cumulative wisdom of these global thought leaders tightly woven together to guide us on the road ahead, and at the end decide how to act to move forward on the urgent agenda they have laid out.

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