In Episode 4 Anne Baring takes us into the spiritual dimension of the shift in thinking and belief that humanity must embrace to secure a peaceful and sustainable future.

Episode 4

Restoring the Divine Feminine:
A Herstory

Anne Baring

In previous episodes, Willis Harman made the case for the need for a global mind change away from an unsustainable industrial mindset; Ervin Laszlo called for the emergence of a planetary consciousness arising from an energetic field that connects humanity with all of life; and Jane Goodall demonstrated how to provide on-the-ground action in youth education and projects of conservation and preservation. Together they present a grand vision of the possibilities for a future global civilization.

In Episode 4 author and teacher Anne Baring takes us into the spiritual dimension of the shift in thinking and belief that humanity must embrace to secure a peaceful and sustainable future. She is the first of the next four wisdom teachers who will move us to consider how we must act if we are to become the future humans of a coming global civilization. Each of these wisdom keepers is very different, chosen for their beautiful clear authenticity about how all of us, men and women, young and old, across all beliefs, race, nations and diversity need to be included.

The first and paramount inclusion is the role of women, and this is Anne Baring’s major contribution to our understanding. She makes the case for restoring the divine feminine to human thought and consideration, that women everywhere need to be included as full partners, equals, in the global project.

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Anne’s great gift to humanity is her prodigious research and writing, presented over a lifetime of work in many books, culminating in her supreme testament and legacy book entitled The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul.

Book cover of Dream of the Cosmos

Anne is a quiet, calm and yet intense presence, truly authentic, real, a wonderful friend to many. She lights up any room she is in with her mind, all of it, the rational mind as the consummate, meticulous scholar, the open welcoming heart connection, and most of all her deep personal profound spirituality, honest, wide ranging and clear.

In The Dream of the Cosmos, Anne tells the story of women from primordial times up to 50,000 years ago where the feminine was worshipped as Goddess, the Great Mother, from whom all life emerged, until all that changed gradually beginning four thousand years ago when the role of women was degraded, often to the point of slavery. This huge shift in perception continues to today, though great strides in improvement have been made in modern times. Even so, living examples of the worst suppression of women is still seen in Afghanistan and Iran, while more subtle examples show up in supposedly modern Western democracies.

In this Episode of the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom you will hear Anne in her own voice as she talks with her good friend David Lorimer, explain how all this came about, and most importantly, the opportunity we have today to change all this. In this context, it is important to remember that women’s contribution is one not just of rational intelligence, but also emotional intelligence that points the way to a kinder, more compassionate, more nurturing side, and in this way frees all of us to include this important aspect of our humanity in the decisions we make as a global community. Anne champions women. You will be inspired and enriched by listening to her. Can you imagine the contribution that would be made by including half the world’s people in meaningful discussion and decisions about the world’s future?

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You have heard the extraordinary wisdom of Anne Baring, Visioneers Heroine of Humanity

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