In Episode 8 we present an example of on-the-ground action that will be required to create the Upshift to the peaceful sustainable world called for by our wisdom keepers.

Episode 8

Can you Imagine...1000 Cities of Peace

The Story of International Cities of Peace

Fred Arment, Founding Director

In Episode 8 of the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom we introduce the inspirational initiative of International Cities of Peace as told by its Founding Director and Leader, Fred Arment. This is an example of on-the-ground action that will be required to create the Upshift to the peaceful sustainable world called for by our wisdom keepers. The exciting news is that it is already well underway.

Fred Arment Photo

Fred Arment is a successful businessman in the USA who has turned his expertise and passion to creating a worldwide movement for peace by focusing on the city as the organizational unit to bring people and communities together to create peaceful nations that can create a peaceful world. The mission and purpose of International Cities of Peace is in perfect synchrony with Humanity’s Golden Peace as proposed the Visioneers.

Humanity's Golden Peace

Humanity’s Golden Peace is the safe harbour we need to deliver positive, creative solutions to the existential crises we face.

The overarching statement about the meaning of Golden Peace includes the absence of war, and much more. 

It includes creating a safe harbour where:

  • Maternity hospitals are safe for mother and child.
  • Schools from nurseries and kindergarten to grade 12 to universities are places where students feel safe to pursue learning and make friendships and where bullying of any kind is unacceptable.
  • Workplaces are safe and free of discrimination.
  • Justice, diversity, truth telling and following the rule of law are honoured.
  • The disabled, the elderly, and the poor are treated with respect and nurtured to contribute.
  • Governments are chosen by a free and protected vote of the people.
  • Human rights, including the rights of women, Indigenous people, and people of different beliefs, races, and sexual orientations are respected.
  • Looking after the Earth, the air, the water, ourselves, each other and ensuring that all living creatures are respected is the prime underlying requirements of peace everywhere.

In the following video you will see images and examples of people in countries all over the world coming together to work for peace in their communities and cities. It is an inspiring and hopeful story of extraordinary dedication, compassion and love. The goal is to establish 1000 cities of peace in more than 100 countries by 2025 and they are well on their way to achieving the goal. Can you imagine the difference it will make to have many thousands of communities and millions of people working actively for peace in the world as part of International Cities of Peace?

Press the play button to hear the story and learn how you can participate.

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You have heard the inspirational story of International Cities of Peace and its Founding Director and Leader Fred Arment, Visioneers Visionary Leader

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