The Big Picture

Can you imagine participating in this Virtual Expo humming with life as an experience and global model of people and projects of extraordinary human goodness and nobility available to anyone anywhere with an Internet connection?

What makes the Visioneers Web of Good Work project unique?

1.  Showcase and Promotion

The Visioneers Web of Good Work Virtual Exposition showcases outstanding people and projects of good work. With your help, it will expand exponentially! Explore the Virtual Expo, see the inaugural Visioneering Awards, showcase your own good-work projects, and be amazed and inspired by the work of Visioneers around the world.

2. Connection

If you value relationships with people who are actively making a difference around the world, then join the Visioneers community: create a profile to display your own good work and/or future good works, interact with the people and projects doing outstanding work in your community, and connect with Visioneers to build your network of changemakers!

3. Share and act to help us build this community

Invite those you know who are of like mind to join this community. Send the message out, expressing your own excitement of what you experience as you tour the Virtual Expo and see the contribution you and your friends could make.

Desmond & Geraldine

Desmond Berghofer and Gerri Schwartz

The Visioneers International Network Web of Good Work was founded by Desmond Berghofer, PhD and Geraldine Schwartz, PhD. They are an energetic and creative team who have worked as partners for three decades, combining their talents to found and operate a number of business and non-profit organizations focused on leadership development, and especially on ethical leadership and the creative management of change, including the Institute for Ethical Leadership and the Vancouver Learning Centre, which has helped hundreds of young folks achieve their full educational potential.

They feel that our current precarious time that creates both danger and opportunity calls on us to rise to the challenge as a human community to do something magnificent for the present and the future, if we act together. They invite you to explore this website, and if you are inspired by what you see, to join them.

“The visioneering project is truly world transforming in potentiality…Through the medium of an engrossing novel, you have given us a fantastic tool”

Willis Harman, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

The Novel

The Visioneers: A Courage Story About Belief in the Future

The vision of the Web of Good Work is inspired by a story told by Desmond Berghofer in the novel, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future. In this fictional account, a band of enterprising people from many different countries, backgrounds and ages set out to engage people around the world to vision a future of planetary cooperation and peace. At the end of the story, the whole world has come together in an extraordinary virtual gathering (before the internet showed how it could be done) called the Congress of the Global Mind to tell each other about and to celebrate projects of good work inspired by the Visioneers.

Today, this project will make that fantasy real.

Read the book yourself in print or digital form.

Listen to the audio theatre, available as a free download when you join.

Why are we doing this now? In the 21st century, humanity has reached a critical turning point in the history of life on Earth:

Human Impact

The cumulative impact of human activity on the life support systems of the planet now transcends the ability of national governments to manage.

Global Citizens

People are called upon to see themselves not just as citizens of nation states, but as global citizens responsible to act together to take care of the Earth.

We are living in the People’s Time

Today millions of concerned citizens are not waiting for their governments to act. They are taking the future into their own hands to improve prospects for coming generations.

Who are we? We are the Visioneers, people who seek make a difference by using their creative imaginations to envision a preferred future, and then act to transform that vision into reality in thousands of wonderful ways.

A Quality Human Future

A quality human future is in the hands of the next few generations. Visioneers recognize that humanity’s future will be determined by the ability of ordinary people to act together for the common good.


Projects of Good Work

Visioneers embrace the values of cooperation, empathy and positive anticipationto act in both big and small ways, which as they are showcased on the Virtual Expo are demonstrations of human nobility.


A Time of Worldwide Celebration

People from every continent are coming together in the spirit of Visioneering tshow the power and beauty of what can happen when we work together.


What Can I Do?


Join us in building a world-transforming network of global citizens.


Connect with like-minded global citizens and show the world what works you are building.


Get mentorship from experts in the field; share your knowledge to mentor others in your network.

Make a Difference

Join the heroes and heroines of our time, the global citizens who are acting to create a better world.

Be inspired by:

Our Mission

To connect Visioneers with each other, to build a global network of changemakers, to showcase the good work projects and lifetime achievements of Visioneers around the world, and to provide real-world mentorship and learning opportunities for Visioneers, thereby building a Web of Good Work as a counter to the fog of negativity shrouding discourse on current global conditions and future prospects.

So that

Wherever conditions of neglect, indifference, or intolerance are found, 
or where acts of violence are perpetrated on innocent populations...

Visioneers will raise 10,000 flags for good, 
and create a worldwide Web of Good Work, 
growing in strength and resilience as the scope of activities increase.

Share and act to help us build this community

Invite like-minded people in your networks to join this community. Send the message out, expressing your own excitement of what you experience as you tour the Virtual Expo and see the contribution you and your friends could make. Go now to visit the Virtual Expo, then join the Visioneers International Network and share it with others to grow the movement and build your network of changemakers!

Go now to take a tour of the Virtual Expo, then join the network and share it with others.

Shibli Project

A model of cooperation between government and citizens (Jewish and Arab) to build tourism in rural Israel.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2017)
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The Shibli Project is an initiative in Israel in which the residents of the Bedouin village of Shibli Um El-Ghannen are being given the opportunity to become more fully integrated into Israeli society and benefit from the educational and economic advantages of integration. The Project Director and initiator is Ruth Waserman Lande (See Ruth Wasserman Lande in Personal Achievement Awards) who in her capacity as Deputy Director General of the Federation of Local Authorities has been able to assemble government and academic support for the project. She has also secured the cooperation of the local Shibli elected officials. The project is an outstanding example of what can happen when thoughtful, well-intentioned individuals from all sides of an issue work together for the good of everyone, putting aside partisan politics, conflicting ideologies, and religious differences. Shibli’s development will serve as a positive example to its people and minorities in Israel who have not been integrated into Israeli society. The leaders of the project decided that the driving vectors of the work should be education, sustainable tourism, scientific excellence and employment. In Ruth’s words, “highly educated and motivated volunteers , both Arab and Jewish, are currently working together to transform this town into a success story.” It is a marvellous example of cooperation between government sources and citizens (Jewish and Arab) empowered by the philosophy of the late former Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres, that “anything is possible.”