Santa Barbara, California, USA
Quintessential global citizen and activist, communications specialist and peace advocate.
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2018)
A plant scientist, equal rights and mental health advocate also with passionate about bridging the gap between science and society.

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Enacting Integral Transformation – Through Our Lives, From Our Homes, For Our World
Geneva, Switzerland
Projects of Good Work Award
Winner (2020)
Massachusetts, USA
Volunteer, lifelong educator, creative Environmental & Peace activist, writer & novelist
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
Santa Barbara/New York
Social activist and philanthropist, Circle of Wisdom
Activist, founder of the 501c3 Tessa Foundation, rescuer of women trapped in human trafficking, food provider for the hungry, front-line defender of immigrant children, advocate for youth opportunity, writer, and yoga teacher, she makes change happen.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2021)
Costa Rica
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
Vancouver, Canada
Organizing the youth climate strike movement in Metro Vancouver
Show your project of good work, communicate your ideals, and help others to do the same.
Planet Earth
United States of America
Ukpeme Akpan Okon is an Ambassador for Peace, Author, Speaker, Musician, and so on, fostering a more peaceful, non-violent world.
Visionary Leader
Winner (2020)
Victoria, B.C
Student, Justice Advocate, Learner