Vancouver, Canada
Passionate about non-profits, economic development and education in developing countries, using innovative reading and learning technologies to make big local impacts.
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2017)
Barry Magrill is an artist, art historian, and environmental novelist
Vancouver, Canada
A leader of new thinking for a sustainable future
Vancouver, Canada
Psychologist, educational innovator and entrepreneur, senior psychologist and founder of the Vancouver Learning Centre, expert in teaching and learning strategies for children, youth and young adults
Vancouver BC
Scientist-scholar and world-traveler with an interest in entrepreneurship and startups, particularly in the biomedical and philanthropic fields
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
President and founder of the IHTEC's International School Peace Gardens program.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2017)
Petaluma, CA
Director of Peace, The Shift Network
Show your project of good work, communicate your ideals, and help others to do the same.
Planet Earth
Providing low cost school buses, support infrastructure, reading help, and furnishing numerous communities with solar-powered classrooms.
Vancouver, Canada
Harnessing the power of 10 frameworks used by professional facilitators and consultants to achieve greater impact as leaders.