The Visioneers International Network

A Meta Project

The Web of Good Work

Everywhere, locally, nationally and internationally, good people, both inside and outside of our societies’ institutional frameworks have visions of making the World a better place. Some of them, acting with courage, take the risk to create and build something that impacts our communities in positive ways. They are the…

Dreamers, Builders and Visioneers

among us.

Inspired by the fantasy novel called The Visioneers, A Courage Story about Belief in the Future, such ordinary good people act in creative imaginative ways to solve intractable problems (that are still present today).

We are acting to create a new community of such brave and thoughtful leaders, who by joining forces with like minded others, can create a vigorous positive force in both local and far flung places to counteract the negative activities of those few people among us whose self-serving actions diminish all of us.

While the story of the Visioneers was fantasy in 1992. It was based on the author’s invention of a world-wide instant communication system that is our actual reality in 2017.

Therefore, weaving together the good work and good workers

in our present community we can create a model and a showcase

of the best and most noble acts and actors in our community as a

Web of Good Work

(and good workers)

We intend to begin with the first string of examples

in Metro Vancouver and British Columbia in Canada

by establishing

the founding chapter of this web

and we have many examples to choose from.

We invite all the readers of this website

to join us by choosing to step forward themselves

and to nominate others

for the Network or for the Awards for outstanding sustained Good Work