Become a Visioneer

Benefits of Membership

As a Visioneer, you will be able to:

  • Post your own profile
  • Tell us about your own project of good work or something you wish to do (optional)
  • Connect with the outstanding projects and people on the Virtual Exposition for mentoring, sharing and follow up
  • Participate yourself in building the Web of Good work in your own community or anywhere in the world by inviting others of like-mind to become Visioneers
  • Expand the Visioneers Virtual Exposition by nominating projects of extraordinary good work and the people who create them for Visioneers Awards across 9 corridors of human activity
  • Nominate people who are Visionary Leaders to promote and illustrate their work, and nominate those exceptional leaders (living or dead) whose life’s work makes them Heroes or Heroines of Humanity
  • Support this worthy world-class project to contribute to personally making the world a more peaceful and sustainable place for current and future generations




Make a Difference

Act Now!

You can become a member of the Visioneers International Network by making a contribution to support the maintenance of the Network.  Two levels of contribution are available:

  • $25 USD
  • $50 USD

With each level of contribution you receive access to the full audio theatre (twenty 30-minute episodes) of the inspirational story underlying the Visioneers Web of Good Work.

If you are unable to make a contribution but wish to participate in the Visioneers International Network, you may ask for a complimentary membership, providing reasons why you should be considered under this category.

A contribution of $50 helps to support complimentary memberships.  If you are able to make an additional contribution of more than $50 this will enable us to include more members who have a valuable contribution to make to the Web of Good Work, but are not able to afford a membership fee.

You can also choose to become a sponsor to help support the Network and provide complimentary memberships for those who have a valuable contribution to make to the Web of Good Work, but are not able to afford a membership fee.



  • Create a unique personalized profile on the Connect Portal
  • Submit a personal project of good work for display on the Web of Good Work
  • Connect with others and receive (or give) mentorship
  • Nominate others to receive Awards for projects of good work
  • Receive a complimentary gift to download the Visioneers Audio Theatre (20 thirty-minute episodes) to listen to at your convenience.

Supporting Visioneer


  • All benefits of the $25 membership
  • Print copy of The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future, signed by the author
  • Provide support for a complimentary membership to another

Supported Visioneer


  • All benefits of the $25 membership
  • We ask that you fill out a statement of need for this option when you sign up