Episode 7

Global Citizen
Prophet of Hope

Dr. Robert Muller

In Episode 7 of the Journey of Extraordinary Wisdom we introduce Dr. Robert Muller as expression and manifestation of the possible human called for by the previous global thought leaders in this series. Robert Muller is important, not only for what he had to say in his many books and innumerable speeches, but also for the personality and character that he displayed as a role model for all who were privileged to meet him.

Robert’s early life is described in the biography by Douglas Gillies, Prophet: The Hatmaker’s Son, in which we meet the young Robert born between two World Wars in northern France and subjected to horrific experiences as a young man during World War II.

Such experience might well have conditioned the young Robert to a life of pessimism and despair for the future.  However, he took the opposite route and decided to devote his life to the pursuit of peace at the fledgling United Nations Organization in New York, where he became known as the Prophet of Hope.  Over 40 years of service to the world, he rose through the ranks to the top of the organization as Assistant Secretary General to three Secretaries General.

Much more than an officer of the United Nations, Robert was an inspiration on the world stage through his books and speeches and work with the not-for-profit sector.  Throughout all this, he expressed an unfailing optimism for the potential for humanity to build a peaceful and sustainable future.  He understood what was required to do this and was instrumental in creating several of the United Nations specialized agencies and in convening world conferences on key issues for humanity including spirituality, the environment, world population and much more.  He understood that education was a key issue in securing a safe future for humanity and authored the World Core Curriculum taught in many Robert Muller Schools around the world, and on his retirement from the United Nations in 1986 he accepted the post of Chancellor at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica.

In this episode we are privileged to meet Robert in his later years and hear some of his life story in a delightful interview by Chantal Westerman.  More important than the details is the experience you will have in being in the presence of Robert as a global citizen and evolved human being, even if only on video, and in witnessing the impact he has on Chantal, his interviewer.

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