Why You Should Participate in The Visioneers International Network

The Advantages to Those Who Step Forward
are Profound, Important and Potentially Life Enhancing

1. Opportunity to receive as a free gift the full 20 thirty-minute episodes of the audio theatre, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future, to inspire and entertain you.
2. Friendship across all ages and other boundaries with like minded vigorous people who do this good work.
3. Opportunity to mentor and be mentored in both the work you do and in life.
4. Feelings of trust and pride in belonging to a community of people who are Visioneers.
5. Opportunity to include your families; children, youth and adults who can participate in these outstanding projects.
6. Learning opportunities about some of the incredible work going on in our community to make the World a better place.
7. Opportunity to share your own good work as we post these projects on our website and provide links to your websites for local, national and international exposure.


These are just the obvious advantages, there are many more, including the magic, the catalyst that occurs when people of like mind meet together
in such a new kind of commons

Whether you currently lead a project of good work or know of, or benefit from such a project;
You are Welcome to Become a Member

Or whether you would like to join others in participating in or supporting such projects.
You are Welcome to Become a Member

If you feel your values coincide with this kind of community and you would like to learn more about it…
You are Welcome to Become a Member

If you are tired or distressed with all the negative news that makes up 90+ percent of media coverage and you would like to hear more positive news…
You are Welcome to Become a Member

We are building a cohort of the Web of Good Work.

To Participate:

Become a Visioneer