The Audio Theatre




Sample Clips

The following sample clips from various episodes of the audio theatre, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future, give a taste of the story and some of its inspiring moments.

Idea of Visioneering
Episode 1 (2 mins.)

Creation of the Visioneers
Episode 2 (2 mins.)

Australian Memories
Episode 3 (2 mins.)

Russian Connection
Episode 4 (1.5 mins.)

A Moment in Israel
Episode 5 (2 mins.)

A Terrible Ending
Episode 5 (4 mins.)

Congress of the Global Mind
Episode 19 (2 mins.)

Why Not?
Episode 19 (3 mins.)

The Origin

The Visioneers Audio Theatre is a dramatization of the book, The Visioneers: A Courage Story about Belief in the Future by Desmond Berghofer.

The audio theatre was released in 1992 as a boxed set of 10 audio tapes containing 20 thirty-minute episodes.

The Re-Birth

After its initial success as a set of audio tapes in the early 1990s, the audio theatre essentially disappeared from public attention and became part of the history of The Visioneers.

However, in 2016, 24 years after it was first released, Gerri and Des re-discovered the tapes and were gripped by the realization that the spirit and message of the audio theatre was meant to be heard again in the teen years of the 21st century. They decided that they needed to find a way to share the audio theatre with a new audience.

They transcribed the original recording into digital format as an MP3 file with a new introduction and conclusion. They came to the conclusion that in the troubled times of the new century the recording could serve as inspiration for a worldwide network of people committed to doing good work in the world to overcome the negativity that had grown to dominate the pubic discourse and media of the day.

So the Visioneers International Network was born where people could register to participate and describe their projects, which would eventually build into a Web of Good Work.

The audio theatre will be provided as a gift to those who make the minimum $25.00 USD contribution.