The Congress of the Global Mind

(and its future potential in Reality)

The story of The Visioneers Comes to a resounding climax when the Visioneering team led by Mark Venture and Esther Fisher convene an extraordinary Earth-spanning event called…

The Congress of the Global Mind.

It is a six-day celebration originating from specially constructed transmission buildings called globcoms located on sacred sites on five continents.

Listen to the conclusion of the Congress originating from the globcom in Jerusalem

Episode 19: 28:21 to 31:35

The concept came originally from Winston Churchill who was brought into the story as a mentor from history. Disillusioned with the failure of the nations of his time to live together in peace, he envisaged this great Congress joining all nations in a project to bring peace on Earth.

The Visioneers embellished the original idea to engage millions of people in creative visioning of a possible future world and a strategy to force the leaders of the nations to act to make the vision real.

The New Global Commons/ Who we truly are as a ‘Noble’ Species

In the years since The Visioneers was published in 1992, scientific thought has increasingly argued the case that humanity can learn to cooperate around a sense of unity, that we are all connected in ways that we have not historically understood.

In all of human history, lacking this understanding, though prompted to think differently by great religious thinkers over millennia, humanity has operated under the illusion of separateness. We have built our civilizations and institutions around this illusion, we have fought all of our innumerable wars because of it, and we have come in the 21st century to the point where our industrial civilization is destroying the life systems of the planet, and nation states still remain poised to try to destroy each other with weapons now so powerful that another world war could mean the end of the human species.

What all of this suggests is that the story of The Visioneers was prescient in putting hope for the future on the idea of a Congress, a world-wide meeting of “Visioneers” civilized as we know it.

Congress of the Global Mind

If humanity is to avoid future worldwide catastrophe, It will ultimately be insufficient for us to place all of our efforts on such issues as controlling carbon emissions, on forging agreements about free trade, on peace keeping action through the United Nations, and so on through all of the other myriad efforts to deal with individual crises as they arise. We need a Meta Solution, a solution that synthesizes all these actions, where every nation in the world has a place to “plug in” and contribute.

No, we must go to the heart of the matter and accept Albert Einstein’s warning that you can’t solve difficult problems if you keep on using the same kind of thinking that produced the problems in the first place. The root of the human predicament is our failure to rise above the illusion of separateness and embrace the concept of the unity of our humanity. Our commonality transcends our individuality. At the most fundamental level, we are one species and must show that in our relationships and actions.

The Visioneers International Network …

is forming in the teen years of the 21st century with the objective of bringing humanity together around the concept of oneness. We are beginning with identifying and recognizing the efforts of people around the world to carry out projects of good work so that we can weave them together into a

Web of Good Work,

which will serve initially to be a counter to the sea of negativity now being unleashed by the voices of separation and its accompanying passions of greed, conquest and domination.

However, the larger vision is to release the spirit described in The Visioneers as the Congress of the Global Mind.

The Visioneers as book and audio theatre is the inspiration for the Visioneers International Network. Our objective is to spread its message into millions of minds around the world so that a chorus of “Yes!” to the ideas of cooperation, sharing, care for each other, and commitment to the sanctity of human life and all other life on the planet, resounds across every continent, just as it did in the fictional

Congress of the Global Mind.

We are engaged in the conversion of fiction to reality. The launch of the Visioneers International Network in October 2017 is a starting point. It will be a mini congress of the global mind, in which projects of good work are recognized and celebrated, individuals are recognized for their visioneering efforts, and the first efforts are made through the Internet to bring Visioneers live into the action from wherever they live in the world.

In the years that follow a continuous stream of teaching will be launched into every part of the world, and when a critical mass of people who operate at the level of unity is reached, the world may truly be ready for a full Congress of the Global Mind that will engage world leaders in the first real efforts to supplant the illusion of separation with the truth of unity. With that will come full engagement of people everywhere to build the wonderful world of the future on a beautiful thriving planet.