The People

The founders and principals of The Visioneers International Network
are Desmond Berghofer (Des) and Geraldine Schwartz (Gerri).
They live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Des and Gerri in 2016

Des and Gerri are an energetic and creative team who have worked as partners in many projects. For three decades, they have combined their talents to found and operate a number of business and educational organizations focused on leadership development and especially on ethical leadership and the creative management of change.

Des is a futurist and author and holds a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of Alberta. He is the president of Creative Learning International.

Gerri is a psychologist, inspirational business leader, poet and author.  She holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Psychology and Education from McGill University. She is the founder, senior psychologist and principal of The Vancouver Learning Centre.


Gerri Schwartz and Des Berghofer in 1992 when they recorded the audio theatre

From the early 1990s to the teen years of the 21st century Des and Gerri have brought their approach to engaging people to be participants in creating more ethical, compassionate and vigorous working and philanthropic environments.

In their latest venture, The Visioneers International Network, they are joined by a team of people spanning a spectrum of ages, working together to capture the energy of the original Visioneers story to proclaim to the world that “a future of prosperity and hope for all” is within our grasp, if we put our minds to the task of visioning just and caring societies that are thriving as they act to create and sustain projects of good work and form new kinds of communities of people who embrace the values that underlie such work.