In the early decades of the 21st century, we have reached a turning point.  Either to allow the brutal dark side of our nature to overwhelm the superb accomplishments in a downward spiral towards planetary collapse, or to make a shift away from the historical pattern of conflict, and embrace a planetary culture of peaceful collaboration with the potential to uplift prospects for people wherever they live.

The purpose of the Visioneers Web of Good Work is to accelerate the shift towards peaceful collaboration by proclaiming a belief in human nobility and by showcasing myriad examples of extraordinary work being carried out by ordinary citizens all over the world. 

It is no exaggeration to say that in the early decades of the 21st century we live at a turning point for the future of human civilization.  Informed voices rise in warning, have been doing so for decades, but things get progressively worse, as leaders seem incapable of finding the wisdom to secure the cooperation needed for humanity to live sustainably on a crowded planet. 

So, the objective of the Visioneers Web of Good Work is to proclaim the possibility of a shift towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization on Earth, by using the connective power of the Internet to engage people to become part of a global network that celebrates and showcases enterprises of good work, that seek to uplift and sustain people in their communities through qualities of compassion and cooperation and an understanding of the interconnection of all things. 

In this way, the Visioneers Web of Good Work will document, showcase and promote positive progress towards a world of peace, cooperation and compassion across all boundaries of age, nationality, race, color, ethnicity, gender and livelihood.   

The task now is to find the people who are making a positive impact on the future of humanity and to create among them a community of like-minded global citizens and to build the global platform that will allow the multitude of good stories to be told. 

The outstanding champion of global citizenship who provided early leadership in the 20th century was Dr. Robert Muller throughout his long career at the United Nations where he served as Assistant Secretary-General to three Secretaries General.  His inspirational teaching about global citizenship to young people was recorded at a Congress held in Vancouver, Canada in 1997 called Global Citizenship 2000. The documentary produced at that time is being brought forward again as part of the Visioneers Web of Good Work and will be used to promote the initiative to young people in schools and universities around the world.  In this way, the youth of our time can be encouraged to bring forward their own ideas for improving the world in which they will spend their lives. 

The Visioneers Web of Good Work is an ambitious enterprise with global reach.  It requires champions to lead and nourish its development, who are the heroes and heroines of our time, ordinary people who have led extraordinary lives in search of a better world.   

The plan of the Visioneers Web of Good Work will also include outreach to connect it to other initiatives for peace and sustainability already underway through a multitude of agencies around the world.