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One hundred thousand years ago, the human species most deliberately began its journey to transcend the plant and animal kingdoms from which it had evolved. It acquired the ability to use abstract language, which allowed thinking that was not limited to the concrete and to present time and space. Progress, however, was slow and advances took millennia to emerge.

For most of that time the evidence to date shows that small groups lived in subsistence economies, and except for painting on the walls of caves, the ideas they had and how they treated the individuals within their communities and the outsiders whom they considered to be their enemies, is lost in the mysteries of antiquity.

We do know, however, from stories told by artists depicted in the ancient tombs that survive that life was filled with war and violence, with victory and defeat and subjugation. Huge differences existed between the powerful and those they controlled, especially the slaves who had nothing and were considered as property of those who owned them. These conditions are recognizable to us today, for remnants of those primitive values are visible in much more recent history, and are even present in some parts of the world today, especially in countries where change has been vigorously resisted by those in power.

All of this time, evolution has not occurred evenly across the world, and not even within communities. Progress is always driven by new ideas and new values, and in any society, regardless of size, there have always been individuals who reach beyond their current circumstance to express higher order values. If they were leaders, their villages, or even towns and cities, may have benefitted, but there is little evidence of their lasting success.

With the invention of writing some 5000 years ago, the stories of these communities became clearer. Looking at history to discover the markers of advancing human evolution, we can find seminal events, inventions, and documents that have allowed those “pioneering” individuals to gather and influence their cohort to achieve lasting advances in the human condition. Indeed, by choosing some of these outstanding and even outrageous stories for their time and place, we can learn how to push our evolving DNA into new territory for humanity.

In doing so, we can create a compelling vision of the possibilities of a future for ourselves and the generations that follow us, as we move the boundaries with intention, to a new kind of future on this planet, a future that embraces all the previous advances of living in a just society of living by the rule of law, that is honest, compassionate and respectful of the sanctity and sacredness of each individual participant, regardless of all that has previously divided us by gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, class, and all other distinctions we can name.

In this way, we can embrace the essential power of our species to evolve, as we call forth the spirits of our very long-ago ancestors who had the intelligence and the imagination to see something better for their own time and place. In our time, however, with the ability to communicate across the villages, the cities, and the almost 200 countries in the world today, we have the enormous advantage to compress the time this takes to happen, so that centuries become decades, and decades become years, as we work together in common cause.

Regardless of how long this takes, those of us who can now see this vision, have the sacred responsibility to begin. We Visioneers, of every age, race, and gender can plant the seeds, nurture the growth, and even harvest the outcomes that will follow our actions.

We live in a time of starkly contrasting possibilities. On the one hand, great danger is not far away, where old thinking, and minds bent on self-serving interest that promotes chaos, violence and war, can overwhelm the advances already made, thereby creating a precarious future for our planet and for all who depend on it for survival. On the other hand, we live in a time of enormous potential for good, where the creation of a society of justice, beauty, and inspired creative action can produce outcomes of such value that we cannot yet imagine them.

To achieve the latter outcome, we can begin by telling the stories of those former outrageous advances for their time. We can weave them together in a tapestry of great symbolic art. And we can create joyous symphonies of music that express our nobility of highest purpose.

The stories of our past advances in evolving the human species are the wool of the tapestry set out below. We have chosen ten of these great advances made by our ancestors over millennia that have improved the human condition, especially our intellectual potential. They can be painted by an artist or artists and displayed as the foundation pieces for display in virtual great halls, museums or cathedrals, not built of brick and mortar, but put together as digital expressions on an electronic platform to share planet-wide as a permanent record of what has been achieved to our present age just as the ancient artists painted the culture and ideas of their time on the walls of caves and tombs.

Can you imagine the inspiration that will be engendered by these great works of art that tell the stories of the best and noblest actions of an evolving humanity, reaching forward with intention, which can be shared through connections created between enlightened human beings?

Ten Events and Achievements That Advanced the Evolution of Humanity

In the following chart, ten seminal events and achievements in the history of humanity have been chosen to show how they contributed to the evolution of our species.

These are the stories that weave the tapestry of advancement, and which can be depicted in art and music to be shared widely in the virtual halls and galleries described above.

We intend to provide substance and a backdrop to these events by choosing experts to answer the question, “How and why did these events facilitate advances in the evolution of our species”.

Finally, we should consider what these events have created as a platform for the future, creating guidelines and ideas to express our species nobility.

1300 BCE
The Ten Commandments
Moses speaks to the ancient Hebrews and delivers God’s rules of decent conduct. Do not murder, steal, lie, etc.

200-500 BCE
The Axial Age
The principles of non-violence are articulated in several parts of the ancient world. Contributions of great thinkers of the time in India, China, the Middle East and the West.
The birth of democracy in ancient Greece.

33 AD
Sermon on the Mount
Jesus teaches the Beatitudes: Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the peacemakers. Love your enemies.

The effect of central Christian values.

700 AD
The Contributions of Islam
Launch of a new civilization in the Arab world based on confession of faith in the one true God, Allah.

1215 AD
Magna Carta
Restricting the power of the Monarch.
The foundation of the freedom of the individual against the authoritarianism of the king. Signed at Runnymede by King John of England at the insistence of the barons.

1776 AD
The American Revolution
Declaration of Independence. The beginning of responsible elected government. Elected government responsible to the will of the people.

The French Revolution
Liberty, equality, fraternity. The power of the people against the tyranny of the monarch is asserted.

Abolition of Slavery in Most of the Western World
After a long period of moves to abolish slavery in various parts of the world, the abolition of slavery in the British Empire marks a significant accomplishment in favour of human freedom. This is capped by the victory of freedom over slavery in the American Civil War

The Creation of the United Nations Organization and the Declaration of Human Rights
Following two devastating World Wars the nations of the Earth create a structure to try to avoid war and promote human development.


The beginning of international concern of damage to the environment and increasingly progressive action to manage the problem.
After becoming aware of environmental destruction being caused by human activity, nation states slowly begin to put in place agreements to manage the problem, which has escalated to concern that human-caused climate change may irreversibly damage the livability of the planet for future generations. Symbolized by Stockholm 1972, Rio 1992 and Paris 2015.