Web of Good Work

In the story of The Visioneers, projects of good work are created all over the world as people are energized to transform the world through positive action. This was fiction in 1992 when the book was published.

Transform Fiction into Reality
Now, in the early 21st century through the Visioneers International Network, inspired by the original story, fiction is being transformed into reality with the creation of the Web of Good Work. All members of the Visioneers International Network are eligible to submit a description of their projects of good work for consideration to be listed on the Web of Good Work, and to nominate other projects or individuals for consideration. This listing includes a link to the originator’s website so that all members of the Network may have the opportunity to connect to the project, to be informed and inspired, and to consider how a similar project might be launched in other parts of the world.

Visioneer Awards
Each project of good work will be given a Visioneers Award. In addition, individuals who have demonstrated over their lifetimes a commitment to positive action to improve the world, may be nominated to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. A Visioneers Award for Personal Achievement may also be given to individuals nominated for some specific demonstration of good work or community service.

Categories of Awards
Awards will be given in various categories that contribute to overall well-being. Examples of categories include the environment, community service, health, education, the arts, and so on.

Worldwide Expansion
The Web of Good Work begins locally, but will grow as members of the Visioneers International Network invite others to join and nominate them to receive a Visioneers Award. The initial Visioneers Awards were announced at the Launch of the Visioneers International Network in Vancouver, Canada on October 1, 2017. At a later time, when we are ready with the online version, we will proceed to present Awards to Visioneers nominated anywhere in the world.

As the Web of Good Work grows and members multiply around the world, so the original dream of a world transformed by positive action to counteract the negative will be realized.

Welcome to the Web of Good Work.