Lets leave the world a better place
Arman Shad is a bit of an international nomad as he’s lived in Germany, Iran, Dubai, and Vancouver Canada. He’s got a plethora of experience in many different kinds of businesses. When he was young he worked in his family business in Dubai which focused on importing home appliances. In Iran, he was more involved in the retail side of the business.

While in Canada, he was running his own large-scale events all across BC. Following that he worked in the retail world as a sales associate and manager. After that he started working for Mosaic marketing, representing large brands in major retail outlets.

Arman joins the Kelpman team as the Business Development Manager, after almost two decades of knowing about Jim and his business. He now focuses on growing the e-commerce side of the business. While also making sure that the operations side of the business is working like a well-oiled machine.

Arman believes that the environment will be a central problem for us as a species. Already we are seeing dramatic growth in the green sector of the economy. With that in mind, he’s got a very positive outlook on the future of Kelpman and what incredible impact it can have on Canada and the rest of the world.