Barbara Nussbaum

Award winning changemaker; Interested in fostering whole-being and belonging in individuals, groups and communities through the use of Finding Us in Music, a social flourishing methodology.
Cape Town, South Africa
Favorite quote: "We are all soul musicians, and all we need to do is to play our soul notes and listen to the magnificent orchestra we are" (Dr Leland Kaiser).

Selected writing: We are all Soul Musicians.

Nussbaum, B; Tomorrow’s Sunrise: A Plea for a Different Future; You Me and We. (Integral Review, Vol 3, 2006) (Note, this is one of 120 poems and psalms I have written over the years. In 2024, this will be published as Psalms for the 21st Century),%20Tomorrows%20Sunrise%203,%202006.pdf

Summary: Award winning changemaker; Interested in fostering whole-being and wellbeing in individuals, groups and communities through her methodology, Finding Us in Music. Lead author: Personal Growth African Style (Penguin South Africa, 2010); Soulful Facilitator; Cultivating greater care, and reverence in small groups through social flourishing methodologies; passionate about diversity, inclusion and belonging. Based in South Africa and visiting the USA in the Fall of 2023

Barbara is an author, teacher, researcher, social innovator, mentor, facilitator and an award- winning change maker. Her creative pioneering spirit has placed her at the cutting edge of new and innovative global thinking. Her ability to integrate the creative and the analytical, the visionary and the practical has been a hallmark of her career and way of seeing the world. For more than 30 years, Barbara has been a champion of humanizing the workplace and developing conscious leadership. She continues to give voice to the philosophy and practical embodiment of Ubuntu -an African worldview which speaks to the lived experience of our shared humanity. She collaborates with change agents, visionaries; academics, researchers, leaders, and catalysts, in business, tertiary education and the non-profit sector, locally and globally.

She partners with initiatives and people who are interested in liberating leadership, shifting hearts and mind towards our common humanity, growing meaningful engagement, strengthening relationships, and transforming culture through building connection and belonging. In activating spirited collaboration and shared purpose in teams, the relevance and resonance of her social flourishing methodology Finding Us in Music™ is acknowledged by clients locally and globally as unique and transformative. In 2003, when her articles were published through the World Business Academy in California, Barbara was an early advocate for the idea that the African philosophy of Ubuntu offers an evolutionary paradigm for global business in the 21st century.

Finding Us in Music™, her signature program, elevates the ability of natural teams and groups to engage to create quantum bonding. They learn to listen to each other with profound reverence and respect, and through the extended lenses invited in, groups embody deeper access to feeling, personal integration and deep social connection and cohesion. In a 3-hour session, teams build trust, and learn to re-source and restore the lived intra-personal, and interpersonal of all those who take part. Such hosting of strong authentic relationships paves the way for honoring both the uniqueness of the I, and the richness of the WE, in cultivating belonging, and moving forward along the path to collaboration. This methodology is about the practical embodiment of Ubuntu in the way people can see, hear and understand each other with greater authentic appreciation. Her work has touched thousands of people in lectures and workshops she has delivered in: South Africa, the USA, and the Netherlands. She contributed a chapter to the book Handbook of Individual and Organisational Transformation. (J Neale, editor, Springer 2019) Finding US in Music: A Method for Deeper Group Engagement that Integrates Music with Ubuntu, Contemplation and Reflection.

Barbara’s career has been characterized by courage and innovation. She was selected as the first professional by Ashoka International, Innovators for the Public, to establish the first Ashoka office in Africa (Zimbabwe, 1990 and then she served in the early years of the first Ashoka Office in South Africa She maintains her affiliations with social innovators through membership with global organisations such as Catalyst 2030, Tendrel and Ashoka. She also coaches and mentors visionaries and social innovators, formally and informally. Barbara has been affiliated with several institutes and universities in the USA and South Africa. Highlights of her career include multi-year affiliations with the World Business Academy, Santa Barbara,USA;; Spiritual Leadership Institute in Houston, Texas, at the time, a part of Memorial Herman Hospital; with CCL,; the Centre for Conscious Leadership in South Africa. At Wits Business School in Johannesburg, she was a researcher and author in a pioneering South African Management Initiative. While at Wits, she co-authored a book with Dr Ronnie Lessem, Sawubona Africa: Embracing Four Worlds in South African Management (Zebra Press 1996).

As a faculty member with CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg, the experience of teaching historically disadvantaged African students, inspired her to become the lead author in a second book, Personal Growth African Style (Nussbaum, Palsule and Mkhize, Penguin 2010). The book aimed to offer a reflective space for younger African leaders to overcome the traumatic residues of apartheid and restore individual identities through deep reflection and embodiment of what it means to be African and what it means to be human.

Delighted and Honored to be a Visioneer!!