David Lorimer

inspirational visionary leader and an outstanding thinker, writer, editor, teacher, lecturer and poet
St Colombe sur l’Hers, France
David Lorimer
Visionary Leader
Winner (2021)
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David Lorimer MA, PGCE, FRSA is an inspirational visionary leader and an outstanding thinker, writer, editor, teacher, lecturer and poet.

David has been given a prestigious Visioneers Award for Lifetime Achievement as a Visionary Leader. This award crosses all 9 categories of human activity displayed in the Visioneers Web of Good Work Virtual Expo. The description of the Visionary Leader category reads as follows:

The human project on Earth is a continuous work in progress. Great strides forward are made under the inspiration of Visionary Leaders who see the big picture relationships between and among human cultures and their relationships with the natural world. Their work moves us to be creative and thoughtful about what we do and how to strive for best possible outcomes grounded in human nobility, integrity and cooperation as a human family. We are proud to celebrate and promote their contributions to the Web of Good Work.

David’s achievements admirably fit this description. During his lifetime, he has founded or led impactful organizations providing inspirational teaching and services to a global community from children ten years old to wise global elders.

Examples are as follows:

1. Inspiring Purpose, a programme for young people learning about sustainable future environments. The Inspiring Purpose Values Poster Programme has reached over 350,000 young people. www.inspiringpurpose.org.uk

2. The Galileo Commission, an organization of wise global elders, thinkers and scientists, who seek to widen our very understanding of science as currently practised, beyond a materialistic worldview to a new evidential platform built for the data pouring out of the minds and practice of scientists in more than 30 world class universities. www.galileocommission.org)

3. The Scientific and Medical Network, a leading international forum for people engaged in creating a new worldview for the 21st century. It is a worldwide professional community for open-minded, rigorous, evidence-based enquiry into themes bridging science, spirituality and consciousness. www.scimednet.org).

David’s outstanding lifetime achievements include the following:

1. Leader/founding member of the following organizations:

• Character Education Scotland www.character.scot

• The Scientific and Medical Network www.scimednet.org

• International Futures Forum https://www.internationalfuturesforum.com

• The Galileo Commission www.galileocommission.org

• International Association for Near-Death Studies (UK)

• Wrekin Trust see archive site at sirgeorgetrevelyan.org.uk – former President

• Swedenborg Society – former President

2. Impressive history of leadership accomplishments:

• Merchant banker

• Trustee of the St. Andrew’s Prize for the Environment

• Churchill Fellow (1978)

• Teacher of Philosophy and Modern Languages at Winchester College

• President of Wrekin Trust

• President of Swedenborg Society

3. Editor of prestigious journals:

• Omnipedia – Thinking for Tomorrow, digest of the International Futures Forum

• Paradigm Explorer, journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, which reached its 100th issue in 2019

4. Author and editor of over a dozen books, including the following:

• Survival? Death as Transition (1984, 2017)

• Resonant Mind (originally Whole in One) (1990/2017)

• The Spirit of Science (1998)

• Thinking Beyond the Brain (2001)

• The Protein Crunch (with Jason Drew)

• A New Renaissance (edited with Oliver Robinson)

• Editor of three books about Beinsa Douno: Prophet for our Times (1991), The Circle of Sacred Dance, and Gems of Love (a translation of his prayers and formulas into English)

• Radical Prince, describing the ideas and work of the Prince of Wales has been translated into Dutch, Spanish and French

• New book of essays called A Quest for Wisdom will come out at the end of 2020.

New book of essays called A Quest for Wisdom will come out at the end of 2020.

David lives in St Colombe sur l’Hers, France