Diane Lund

Public Relations Specialist and founder of Creative Wonders
Vancouver, Canada
Diane Lund
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2017)
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Diane Lund is a 35-year veteran of the advertising agency business. In a business that can all too readily be regarded with cynicism, Diane has created an example of integrity and positive contribution to society. She works with her chosen clients who want to create a business that does good work to determine their vision, objectives and desired results. She then draws up the marketing/creative map that keeps businesses focused and driving towards their goals. Diane’s most important contribution came when she decided to create a communications company, away from the City core, back to her North Shore community where she could focus on helping and promoting “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability.” She called it Creative Wonders Communications. This company gives back 50% of profit to the community and won the Ethics in Action award in 2000 for community care. They also received the Best Business Award from the North Shore Chamber of Commerce for Business Excellence. They have consistently demonstrated for a quarter of a century commitment to helping companies. Her major areas of focus have been: alternative health, recycling and green initiatives, community building, supporting local and small businesses, and promoting personal and spiritual development.