Dr. Adele Buckley

Promoting peace and security through advocating nuclear disarmament and adoption of climate change technology
Toronto, Canada
Dr. Adele Buckley
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2019)
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Adele Buckley ,M.Sc.,Ph.D., D.Sc.(hon); physicist, engineer and environmental scientist; Past Chair of Canadian Pugwash (CPG), past Treasurer; CPG Board member (em.); member of international Pugwash Council. Steering Committee, Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention and Steering Committee, and CNANW (Canadians Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). Wide ranging work in environmental technology and science; environmental technology verification; advising environmental technology entrepreneurs. Formerly V.P. Technology and Research, Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement; formerly V.P. Solarchem Environmental Systems; founding partner of Sciex, developer and manufacturer of mass spectrometry systems w. extensive worldwide installations. Leads CPG campaign for a nuclear-weapon-free Arctic: many presentations - 8 countries. In 2018, met officials at the Embassy of China in Ottawa to promote Arctic NWFZ. Manager of peace and security discussion group arcticnwfz@googlegroups.com Lead organizer for anniversary meeting - Canada’s Contribution to Global Security, 2017. For Global Issues Project (GIP)– a series of roundtables, e.g. Freshwater, on looming crises of sustainability compounded by climate change. Current interest is Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS).