La Jolla Ca
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Philosophically I studied many spiritual paths since I was quite young: including Theosophy, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Christianity. Very involved in Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years. But now really more a spiritually eclectic intuitive free spirit. And I have been blessed with many miracles and healings thruout my life.
In 1995 I became very close friends with Robert Muller, former UN undersecretary general, after meeting him in Peru at a conference he was keynoting. He was always my spiritual inspiration and hero. After that I met his wife Barbara and we three became best of friends. Even after Robert’s death I count Barbara Muller, peacemaker, as my dearest friend.
As far as career: A degree as a R.N.and worked as RN in ER in Compton and at a busy small clinic in North Long Beach Ca for 10 years. Then Moved to Madrid Spain for 2 years as part time tour guide and taught English part time at Berlitz.
After returning to USA. I managed my fathers French restaurant and adjoining jazz club 2 years. After that I purchased a medium sized health food store in San Diego area that I managed and did nutritional counseling for many years. Married and moved to Malibu for 2 years. Moved back to San Diego county and divorced. I then managed Boneys large health food store/market. ( a precursor to Sprouts and Henry’s health markets)
After that I went back to school at University of Humanistic studies for graduate degree in Psychology. Worked many years counseling in field of Domestic violence, both for victims and for perpetrators and went on to private practice. Also I studied personal coaching at the coaching institute in San Raphael Ca. which I included some of those skills in my counseling practice. Then in 2005 Inherited family business of managing commercial real estate for FAA. But I still continued part time counseling and spiritual coaching on the side. And I am also a amateur artist and music lover.