Jacques Martiquet

Spark vitality in humanity
Vancouver, Canada
Jacques Martiquet
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Here are some things I am obsessed with:
1 Creating an optimized entertainment experience based on neuroscience and social-bonding research.
2 Reducing the burden of drugs and alcohol on society.
3 Teaching people healthy ways to boost their vitality.

Personal Mission Statement:
To build capacity for positive health behaviours by educating, uniting, motivating, and disillusioning youth (of course, by means of savvy entrepreneurship).

If this aligns with yours, lets connect.

I am a social innovator, community-builder, health educator, and happiness engineer. I work with local organizations and student bodies to plan innovative programming solutions for reducing alcohol- and drug-related harms in nightlife and party culture.

I am challenging toxic social norms that prevail in North American celebratory culture by planning interactive, novel, and historic moments of people coming together. In doing so, I am learning how to market an initially intimidating and unattractive product in creative ways: sober-partying.

More Information:
In running VYVIFY for the last 2 years, I have gained letters of support from the President of UBC, the head of harm reduction at the BC Center for Disease Control, a Medical Health Officer, the Chief Brand Officer at SOUNDBOKS, and the Director of Community Development at UBC. I have partnered with two universities, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and five companies.

In two years, Party4Health has been featured in the press 51 times. I have been interviewed by the Georgia Straight, Vancouver Magazine, and Elle Canada about party culture.

I finished my last year of pharmacology with an academic average of 91.3%. In my academics, I took business courses and public health courses. As a hobby, I now research youth substance use interventions. I have met with over 10 public health experts to expand my knowledge on the subject.