Jamie Magrill

Scientist-scholar and world-traveler with an interest in entrepreneurship and startups, particularly in the biomedical and philanthropic fields
Vancouver, Canada
Jamie Magrill is part of the founding Core Team of the Visioneers International Network. He is currently completing a dual-doctorate MD-PhD at McGill University with a focus on cancer immunotherapy research, and he has co-authored more than 70 scientific journal articles, newspaper articles and conference abstracts, with more than 700 citations. Jamie previously completed an MSc in Biomedical Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2021, and an HonBSc from the University of British Columbia in 2018, with a focus on cancer and diabetes research. He is most interested in creating strong community-based tools and platforms to build connectivity and improve outcomes for folks in the social, philanthropic, and environmental good-work and start-up communities. Jamie is also the CEO of DECAP R&D, a medical device & design company with a mission to make healthcare environments safer for workers around the world by reducing needlestick injuries. With ten years of biomedical research experience, and six years of volunteer leadership in student services, healthcare, adaptive aquatics and STEM teaching and outreach across BC, Jamie comes to the table with a wide variety of experiences and skills that enable him to empower and guide people and projects to achieve their best results; helping the people who help make the world a better place. With connections at organizations and institutions ranging from McGill University to the University of British Columbia, Let's Talk Science Canada and Genome BC, including serving as the organizer for the Curiosities of the Natural World lecture series at the Vancouver Public Library, to local changemaker organizations such as Stanstronge Pool and the Dr. Peter Centre for HIV/AIDS Palliative Care, to international institutions including Nobel Laureates For Education, Jamie is able to draw on a diverse network of changemakers to enact change at the local, national and international levels.