Jim Haliburton
Team Captain

Enthusiastic about the possibilities for The Visioneers global impact!
West Vancouver, Canada

Jim grew up in West Vancouver, BC Canada. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 17. He took his last year of high school in the San Fernando Valley and then attended Los Angeles Pierce College. He later received his business degree at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. While playing college sports, Jim was transformed. A life-threatening head injury playing inter-collegiate soccer, taught him just how precious and fragile life is. He realized that he survived his ordeal to serve a new mission. His life work would be to serve others through giving back to society. He would volunteer whenever and wherever possible. Jim's business career started in Los Angeles in the 1970's providing a niche service for the Hollywood film and music industries. Jim developed a process that helped preserve, protect and display important and historically valuable documents, photographs, graphics, album covers and theatre posters. His clients included Amblin (Steven Spielberg), George Lucas, Disney. MCA Records/Universal Studios, Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and many more. While catering to major celebrities' personal archival storage requirements, he learned an important lesson. "We are all just people trying to survive in this challenging but, amazing world and we generally have similar needs and goals. We are more alike than different and we should all respect, cherish, love and honour each other. In addition, the precious time we are blessed with, while we are here, is the greatest gift we are given and we should treasure every moment!" Jim has worked with Dr. Gerri Schwartz and Dr. Des Berghofer for the past 20 years through the Institute for Ethical Leadership (IFEL). Jim chaired the Environmental Sector, working on projects to promote youth environmental leadership in Vancouver School Districts. He is also on The Board of Directors of The International Foundation of Learning which provides funding for The Visioneers. Jim cannot thank Gerri and Des enough for their dedication and commitment to making the world a better place. They are truly his heroes and valued role models. Today, Jim is very excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities The Visioneers will bring to a world yearning for new and positive leadership for all. He also sees an alignment with his personal vision for his business career. He searches out and promotes products and services that could make life better for people in all walks of life. Perfect harmony for his work at The Visioneers! Here are some of his own areas of interest..... Green construction seeking innovative new shelter/housing solutions.......... www.gobloc.com Organic kelp nutrition for edible crop farming, micro greens and sprouting....www.kelpman.com Funeral industry consumer watchdog support encouraging you to know your rights to protect your family from financial fraud and predators upon the death of a loved one. Visit www.funeralwatchdog.com PLEASE SEE CONSUMER ALERT AT END OF MY PROFILE University of British Columbia....supporting PTSD solutions and celebrating the WW2 generation. Music/Film Production searching for, identifying, promoting and celebrating world-wide talent. Jim also wants to dedicate the rest of his life’s work to not only honor his late parents (Holly and Jack) but, he will continue to appreciate, cherish and applaud the valuable and remarkable contributions John Denver and Jacques Cousteau made in the early 1970’s. They were early pioneers bringing environmental awareness to a world that wasn’t always watching and/or engaging. Please listen carefully to John Denver’s song Calypso! "My long-term life dream and call to action is to some day bring Jacques Cousteau's research vessel Calypso, permanently back home to North America's North West where she was born in the early 1940's. Your creative suggestions, resources and support could be the difference and make it possible some day. We owe it to the dedicated Calypso crew to remember their passion and commitment to environmental causes and concerns. It is the right thing to do. Just Imagine....Calypso safely in port in Vancouver BC Canada, sharing The Visioneers World Headquarters. Yes, I love to dream!" CONSUMER ALERT- I have an important declaration regarding my research in the end-of-life industry in North America that we commonly call The Funeral Industry. I am a Consumer Advocate for your family and my positive wish is that every family will take the time to share with others a plan of action to protect the family during the unexpected death of a loved one. Please be aware of unethical practices that can cause your family emotional stress and financial ruin. Know and demand your consumer rights in your province or state. There will be a funeral regulatory board that is supposed to protect you from predator companies.