Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer
Vancouver, Canada
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I am a film & TV professional passionate about telling stories that elevate, spread joy, and contribute to important cultural conversations. I have worked as a professional actor for 15+ years. My passion project is EARTHLICKERS: an award-winning short film and feature screenplay on the Canadian Filmfest/Harold Greenberg Fund's "Top 10 It-List" of the best un-produced screenplays in Canada. The theme is about harnessing vibrational love energy through music to heal and return humanity to our rightful peaceful & joyful alignment. It is presented as a science-fiction comedy, being likened to "Barbarella meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show". The feature project centres around the music industry and the laws of quantum physics and will have an original soundtrack that will uplift through music and laughter. I am excited to partner with like-minded creators who enjoy absurd comedy and genre film. I currently reside in Vancouver, B.C. and hold Canadian and UK citizenship. I would love to explore co-production options between my two homelands.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

“If we had over-the-moon sex on a regular basis…there would be less disease, less anger, and probably less war…”
- Marianne Williamson (Illuminata: A Return to Prayer)

"Revolution is actually a powerful but gentle process where we align to a new frequency"
- Russell Brand