Lilly Briggs

Costa Rica
Lilly Briggs
Personal Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
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Lilly Briggs is the Founder and Director of Finca Cántaros Environmental Association, a non-profit organization registered in British Columbia, Canada and physically based in San Vito de Coto Brus, Costa Rica. The mission is to connect communities through the conservation of biological corridors, through environmental education, forest restoration and research. Lilly did her PhD in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University, focused on environmental education and the human dimensions of conservation. Throughout her Masters of Environmental Studies (at York University, Toronto), doctoral and postdoctoral programs, she collaborated with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in developing an environmental education outreach program in Latin America called Detectives de Aves (BirdSleuth International) focused on engaging youth in learning about birds, citizen science and conservation. Lilly is happiest wandering through the Children's Forest project at Finca Cántaros each morning, listening to the birds and admiring the growth of the young trees.