Lori-Ann Speed
Team Captain

Composer, Pianist, Recording and Performing Artist.
Vancouver, Canada
Lori-Ann Speed
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2020)
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Lori-Ann Speed was born and raised in a remote logging and farming community on the beautiful north shore of Shuswap Lake, British Columbia; deep in the heart of the country. From the time she saw a big white upright piano wheeled into her grade 3 classroom, she had a burning passion to play. She left the country for the city to pursue her dreams. Now a composer, pianist and recording artist, Lori-Ann is inspired to create beautiful concert journeys of lush and evocative original compositions with spoken word inspired by nature, life and love. ​ She writes “I present music in the ancient way, as a transformational vehicle, not merely as entertainment. Music has long been understood to open inner doorways of insights, healing, compassion and communion. It is a language of intuition heard by our hearts." Lori-Ann has a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of British Columbia ( a double degree in music and fine arts), and a diploma from University of Grenoble, France, in French language and culture. She has released seven albums of original music featuring piano. You can review these albums at www.lori-annspeed.com. Her album In the Wake of a Whisper was nominated for Best Instrumental Release at the West Coast Music Awards. Her music has been featured in three CD releases by other artists and used in multiple video productions. ​ Her newest release VISTAS presents us with 14 grand and beautiful views into the landscape of human emotions and the epic beauty of all we share expressed through the pure, simple beauty of the piano. ​ Her music is both cinematic and emotional. Truly music for the Soul. "Lori-Ann's music gives body to emotions that are beyond words. It is thoughtfully composed and expressively performed." -- David Wisdom, CBC Stereo  "Lori-Ann Speed is a visionary composer and pianist of our time. Her music will touch you deeply.” Kolin Lymworth, Founder & Shaper - Banyen Books & Sound