Mark Fenster

Musician for Peace
Vancouver, Canada
Mark Fenster
Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner (2021)
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Born in Montréal, Canada, Mark was the first child of two holocaust survivors.  His heritage served to inspire his deep love of life and his wish for Universal Peace & Harmony.  Choosing music as his voice for Peace, his journey began early in grade school Choir, then Piano at age 9, self-taught Drums at 12, Guitar and Songwriting from age 15 onward.  Discovered by a well-known Producer when he was 18, Mark’s first record (a “45”) was released in 1977.  


While he continued to grow and develop his musical crafts, Mark’s gifts for compassion, understanding and guiding people led him to a Specialized Honours degree in Psychology at Concordia and York Universities.  Following graduation Mark joined his family’s business and later opened his own business in product design and sales. Here, by western societal standards, Mark enjoyed much success .... but this was not where his heart was ....  


While in Montreal, Mark wrote and produced many projects in his studio, worked with band members from April Wine, Luba, composed and performed live as solo, ensemble and band acts.  As professional interest in his songs and voice grew, and feeling life is for dreams .... Mark sold his business, moved to Vancouver in 1995 and went head first into his Dream!  There, Mark was soon invited to perform lead roles in several Musical Theatre productions, sing Chorus and Comprimario roles with the Vancouver Opera for 9 years, perform live on TV, GM Place anthems, stages & clubs, wrote songs & composed original scores for Jessie Award Winning Theatre Productions, Films, TV Shows, and produced local artists at Autumn Studios.


Several years later, some deeply challenging times arrived into Mark’s life.  This led him into deep and dedicated Spiritual Work .... and this is where Mark found new, inspired direction in Life as well as Music ::  Love, acceptance & honour of All that Is, sharing Lovingkindness, ....  The challenges seemed only to fortify his inner beliefs and faith in Universal Peace, Love and Harmony.  Combining his musical/spiritual entities, Mark began teaching as a Holistic Voice Coach, combining Spirit, Body, Heart & Voice in his practice.  He was becoming known as a gifted musician who is also a Healer, a Bringer of Light, and a caring Spiritual Guide.


A number of serendipitous events, blessings and pathways .... led to Mark & his Angelic daughter Zoe’s co-creation of a Multi-Faith, Inter-Cultural,  Chakra Meditation CD: Cantoria!  Cantoria was a great success not only in theatres where it was performed to standing ovations, and stores where it sold thousands of CDs in its first year in Canada alone, but mainly in the Hearts of those who listened and shared in the Lovingkindness, peacefulness and healing this music and sentiment offered.  This Full Body Chakra Meditation presented in music, universal sacred text and flowing, peaceful motifs, the real Dream and truthful potential for Universal Peace;  Cantoria was deemed the “Musical Project for Peace”.


Following the release of Cantoria, several yoga studios and meditation centres were asking for an instrumental version of the meditation cd for performing during their yoga and meditation sessions.  When concertmaster Mark Ferris, principle cellist Ariel Barnes and award wining harpist Janelle Nadeau all accepted the invitation to record, Mark fired up the studio and created Cantoria SPIRIT: a purely instrumental invocation.  The result is beautiful and inspiring.


Cantoria 2 ~ PeaceWeaver, a compliaton of some of BC’s finest artists’ works, and String Poetry by Francis Xavier Edwards, both presented as the Autumn Studios Community Music Collective, were next to be released and enjoyed by many.


Mark continues to be involved in supporting emerging artists with important messages to share, as well as projects offering Healing Through Music, sharing Spiritual workshops and personal sessions where people may come, become gently and lovingly guided to invoke the presence of their higher powers, embrace and heal the challenges they feel ~ all through music, meditation, and faith in the highest divine we all have inside our own Being.


Mark is so grateful to be able to do this work, and for the peaceful smiles and hugs he shares with so many of his students & seekers.  His dream of the true Spirit of Namaste for us all is being realized, one glorious soul at a time